Jimmy Wanjigi....."James Bond"???

A house was raided by agents in Malindi today, The Star says its owned by Jimmy Wanjigi.

This Man seems to be have been edged from the high table of Kenyan Mafias.
Whatever is going on in his life, I would like to offer my sincere prayers to him.
He seems to have touched a live wire, and, I offer my prayers and sympathies.
He is a man I admired for long , yeah ,like any average Kenyan I’d love the power, billions and privacy.

Anyway this article in the Star today, I can bet it wasn’t written by their editors …Yeah, your guess
is as good as mine.


His house has been raided in Muthaiga by the special crime unit…now on KTN NEWS

He is going down, Mr. Jimmy Wanjigi , needs to go to Uhuru Park on a bright Sunny Afternoon , Kneel DOWN facing Mr.Kenya , and Say Uhuru tuko Pamoja 33 times. Then go home on foot screaming and wailing RWNBP…


every mountain has a peak… someday he will be helpless

seems a serious revolt is cooking

There is NOTHING humiliating like a bunch of lowly paid thieving cops ransacking your house, the will go through your wife’s dirty thongs just to look for evidence, or some change.
His bedroom will be defiled by the cops , looking for the big million dollars safe, I guess his next move will be to sell his house.
How I wish i’d advise him, he should have been apolitical. He shouldn’t have had the guts to support Raila openly, even going for NASA rallies.
He should have fought his enemies away from the politics, or simply , joined them and fought from within.

hehe I have read that article… yenyewe that one was emailed with orders to be published as it is… by who your guess is as good as mine. Typos, simple mistakes etc but the message has been communicated

Ni kumalizwa pwana

after we are finished with him we follow orengo

link please

shegaj has posted it up there

With all the billions Jimmy Wanjigi is being treated like a common criminal today, totally humiliating .
After the events today, he will regret supporting Raila.
Mr.Wanjigi , Its NOT too late , You can go to KBC studios today in the evening and ENDORSE Uhuru for the presidency. You will then seek forgiveness for all your transgressions.

What’s up with these billionaires being advised by douchebags?? I would do a better job at Advising Wanjigi, Raila wasn’t good for BUSINESS bruh…

After the Supreme Court verdict he has largely been a no-show, I thought he was making amends with the powers that be behind the scenes…

ORENGO, will be Done in half a day, atameza hiyo kizungu na ukatiba yake mingi.

I dont know what Uhuruto were waiting for, bringing tgis man down is long over due. Me think Uhuru approaches issues casually.

It is a relief Pres. Uhuru has brought on board Kibaki’s inner circle bad boys, Kinuthia Mbugua and Francis Kimemia to his inner circle.

Whatever is going on Jimmy Wanjigi today, must have been sanctioned by one of these tough cookies.
With their experience in Moi’s and later Kibaki’s OP corridors , these are guys you wouldnt wanna mess with.

What’s the link

Kimemia is the Man Bana. This son of a gun should Deputize Ruto.

my thoughts exactly