Jimmy Wanderi ...... R.I.P

Just read on his wall, someone has posted. Fare three well Klist Director.


Fuck it seems to be true https://www.facebook.com/jimmywanderi


So long Mr. Wanderi

so sad

Haiyaaa what happened? Woooiiiii

RIP Wanderi,and thanks for Klist

Post more info because his facebook page is locked

Somebody called themselves “mayatima” earlier on. Sasa ona


[SIZE=4]RIP Sir Wanderi.[/SIZE]

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True. Details are just emerging. Will update as we receive them.

RIP Wanderi. You left a legacy.

Could @admin pit something somewhere (a rose, candle etc) in his honor?

Whaat? I haven’t seen anything on his page. Someone give us screen shot.


woi woi woi :eek:

Wawawawa! Pole sana.

haaaiya! RIP

Nime ambiwa saa hizi tu whatsapp very sad may he rest in peace

Its as tragic guys as much as it is shocking.

I bet it’s better to leave the details. But depression is a bad thing.

what a loss? A visionary and one who brought together alot of Kenyans in the virtual world of the internet through his never to be equalled website.
Always will be remembered.
Peace be with you on the night shift bro!