Jimmy_m ......Java issues

Believe you still somewhere watching us, help me out am really stuck kwa ile somo langu,
Create ata pseudo account help me solve some questions arafu uende

Village mbirioneas wenzake, mfikishieni Hii ojumbe najua mtapatana pare kwa golf.

I wish he had transferred all his data kwangu
Saidia Java dummy

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Ako hapa tuuu
@D_Minor unaitwa

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Man if it’s him, I hope he’ll come to my rescue… Nmekwama mbaya sana

umekwama wapi nkusaidie

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I hope haunashida kusumbuliwa maswali mob za Java
Wacha ni imbosk

Weka hapa …webdev pia ako around anaeza kukusaidia…

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Issues gani!

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Weka hapa, its the reason why the forum is here, so we can learn a thing or two

Uko Java branch gani?

@amun unaitwa

also check on@amun he mutated completely to a virtual “Truck Driver”


hehehe. What makes you folks think that @amun is jimmy_m?, By the way we lost this good guy, he had a lot of resourceful information.


They both hang out at Purdy Arms Karen (Its his local)

Matters IT both quite informed

Juzi tu amun confirmed he is also Kao.

Padre, the coincidences are just too many to wish away.

It was just a Joke gone bad, maybe the timing was not good


Tunengane ndaia kasee, ni chau?

the only Java am associated with is house coffee at some God forsaken corners on the highway

padre, this is another case of mistaken identity


I know. They miss-took me as well!

Good. Now give us the similarity between Liberty_27 and Purr_27

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I know you two are not the same person :D.

But just off my head;

[li]Citrus fruits[/li][li]Catholic Church[/li][/ul]

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Someone has ever insinuated I am purr too awhile back…ogopa crazy CSI

I can vouch for @amun and his Truck though…he is my keg mate on Mombasa rd.:smiley:


sande sana my dear for coming to my rescue


So in this case ingekuwa liberty=purr_27=pseudonym?!!

Nitakuja hapo Mombasa road mninunulie cup kubwa ya keg ya black. :D:D:D:D:D

@amun ni cool guy.

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Only, and nothing else? Ni yeye alikuambia we are not the same person ndio ukaamini.

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