Jilted Bozo

Dear Ann(Apple of my eye),

    Hello there? I think it is years since I wrote  to you.You may think it is a long time but I don't like hanging around somebody's wife. Also I hav been busy reconstructing my love life after your unnoticable departure. 

 This round I don't have pressing issues to tell you, but I have one or two problems I want to share with you. It is not out envy, jealousness or anything, but out of my pure white good heart. 

    Without wasting time or beating around the bush let me tell what disturbs my pen. 
  You've not stopped calling me and thats good, in fact you once told me you've  substituted the Nokia 1110i I bought you, with a Tecno Cannon. That is not the problem,thats analog-digital migration.  

    You once tongue slipped and told me your hubby is planning to build a two storey house, he is also planning to install DSTV on the current makuti-thatched house. You also hinted on something like a car... but am not sure, maybe I misheard you. That's not the problem. That is vision, a 2050 vision in precise, because 2030 is approaching and your hubby has not attained any of the above. 

         Of late, and this hav become the trend, every time you pick up your so called Tecno Cannon to call me you make sure I have to hear your child happy chuckles. Occassionally you stop talking and what I hear next is the ba ba ba of a yet to think infant. 
You know very well am not yet married (And I don't think  I will marry anytym soon) but what is it to flaunt your child. That hav to STOP without any TAFADHALI. 

I dont have to blacklist your number…because your voice remind me our time together though with a painful flashback. That was my problem. Think over it.

      Greet your hubby, tell him it was me who broke your virginity and I know he will never attain my 'Threshholdbility'. 

Greet also your child.Thanks.

    The then yours Bozo.
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Thread kama hizi ndio unakubaliwa kukojolea @jaymoh Mungich

Fikiria tu ju yangu badala mkakate tyre wakamba wajinga

Bomoa Closet kabisa…

Thats more like it from your avatar.

shitty thread.