In Ecclesiastes we see King Solomon in an existential dilemma. He had everything humans hunger and hanker for and He had it in plenty. He had 700 wives,300 concubines. He had herds of livestock slaughtered daily to feed his household.He was so loaded that silver had become common like wood in his land.He was the wisest man he could teach PhD in all subjects.

We see King SoloMon in depression inspite of having it all.He concluded, vanity, vanity ALL is vanity. The whole purpose of man is to worship God. I concur, at a ripe old age,King Solomon,a celebrity,so much so that Queen of Sheba came bearing great gifts. At a ripe old age having accomplished everything and I mean EVERYTHING the world says can be accomplished! And on his deathbed he was a depressed old man. He said there’s is nothing to look forward to in life. Except to eat and drink.That chokora eating from the garbage and drinking water from the drainage and the president, they are both eating and drinking.Everything else is just vanity.

I am a witness,this life,no matter what you have,who you are, life has no meaning and no value outside of worshipping God. Before Jesus found me,I felt that existential angst. Everything under the sun was vanity. The day Jesus became my Lord and Master, everything changed. I was fulfilled even when things werent going well. Because I had found my purpose,to worship Jesus, the Lamb of God who sacrificed His life,His dignity,His place for me to have an abundant life on earth and eterna life when I die.I bow at the feet of Jesus Christ for He is worthy of all praise and adoration!

Life is about Jesus.No matter what you achieve,you will never be fulfilled and at peace until you worship God. Until you submit your life and your heart to God. Jesus said,I am the only way to the Father. Jesus is the bridge that by His blood covers our sinful nature so that we can stand before and be reconciled to our Father,Our Maker,Our God - Jehovah! Adonia!Elohim! Yahweh! He is worthy of all our praise and adoration!

Finally comes the Holy Spirit. Jesus said,I will not leave you as orphans.I will send you a Helper,a Counselor,a Comforter,a Companion who never leave you nor forsake You. On the day of Pentecost the fire of the Holy Spirit fell on the meek disciples and they became brave and witnessed to thousands! By the power of the Holy Spirit,we can do all things!

Maybe you feel life has no meaning because you don’t have a job,money,loved ones,good health or you have it all but you’re still not fulfilled. The answer is very simple. The reason or purpose of life is to worship God. Worship God and life will have meaning and purpose.Even your circumstances are not good,God will sustain you for you will enter into His rest!

In closing,I want to speak to anyone who has given up and you want to even take your life. The devil is a liar. Your life has value.It is of great value before God your Maker.Take God at His Word,for I know the plans I have for you,plans not to harm you but to give you a future and a hope.If you have a,broken heart praise His Name,if you feel you cant go on, just lift your hands and say,LORD YOU ARE ALL I NEED, YOU ARE EVERYTHING TO ME!!!And He will take your pain away.

Jesus is Lord. All glory and honor belong to Him.For our Father has said,at the name of Jesus,every knee shall bow.He has said to Jesus,sit at My right hand,until I make Your enemies Your footstool.Come let us worship and bow down to the Lord God our Maker.

Does your reach husband know about your boy toy?

Does your answer to life know of your threats to take life?

Amen. Thanks for planting this seed this morning Makena. Now let it germinate into peoples’ hearts, minds, souls and even body! Blessed Sunday…

Amina. Thank you for the bible verse Makena. God bless you.

Which boy toy? Hizo ni story za Ktalk. I don’t even know what that is

Wacha threats,He knows mtu akichezea my babies. I will kill first.Repent later.

Thanks Makena. This is descent.

Like one Demarco sang, from we have life we have everything

JC is the key to the ignition

Chocha!! Ngoja wafike Form 2 watakua wanakamulio L,R,Center. Ushai notice wasichana wa wazazi wameokoka sana ndio hugawa sana.

My parents were even more strict than me and hakuna mtu amenikamua in this world except my sweetheart of a husband aliponioa. So I don’t know what ur talking about. We pata wako then uwaachilie wakamuliwe kamu kamu coz naona hio ndio furaha yako

Hypocrisy galore.

If you let a hypocrite stand between you and God, the hupocrite is still nearer to God than you!

You don’t say? Quite Reach.

If God could use a donkey to pass His message to humans,why can’t He use the pipo you think are hypocrites to pass His message to people!

I have never told to believe in me. Im talking about Jesus Christ,the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Don’t think on judgement day you will tell God that you rejected His message bcz you didnt like His messagers.

I know you’re in the group that hates me on this forum bcz I don’t ascribe to your worldly outlook and Im outspoken on my position and speak the truth boldly and fearlessly.

Let me tell you my brother, first of all your opinion of me is of absolutely no consequence! So now that you’re behind an anonymous handle unleash your true character that real life doesnt give you the opportunity to express! Jibambe Buda. If you go too far,I will just block you and the story will end there. Then you will have lost a target for your cyberbullying.

I came on this forum to express myself with no care what anybody else. Its also a platform for me to preach the tenets of Christianity and to witness to nonbelievers! For the simple reason that all that gets shoved down members throats,is sexual immortality and perversion,bullying and disrespecting women,porn and all manner of wickedNess. So to be frankly I don’t give a damn what you think of me. Mine is to push a different agenda into peoples minds. The agenda of the Bible. A better alternative from the mess out in the world.And thats what I do here on the forum most of the time.The rest is entertainment and AOB. But my main agenda is to challenge the demonic messages being spewed here as normal! It is not normal.Its wrong and am publicising a godly alternative!Period.

Many are clearly not worshipping God, but worshipping a man.

All of us will die some of us have made peace with that fact others seek storybooks to delude themselves from fact

Your types think that only Christians have a meaningful life simply because they know Jesus. You need to travel. Billions of Muslims, Budhists, African Traditionalists, atheits etc have a meaning for life without Jesus