Jeremy Clarkson suspended from BBC, remaining episodes of TG22 dropped.

In short sina clip ya kudownload Monday juu ya kasheshe za hawa!

Whaaaat? Alifanya nini?

Clarkson is an arrogant a**hole, he thinks the world revolves around him.

Jeremy is top gear… Its like what they did with charlie sheen… (they should learn from case studies)

No he’s not, the show must go on.

Without Jeremy TP won’t be the same.

Fack him! i stopped watching Top Gear after his racist song which was the last scandal he had.This prick thinks he owns the BBC and he gets alot of support from middle class Britons who are just as racist,self absorbed knobs.Today there is an online petition signed by god knows how many thousands of people to have him re-instated after he punched his own producer.
You as Mr.Nobody punches anybody and you go to prison in the UK and this cunt wants to get away with it?!
I think Kenyan TV and any African Media houses should not air this programme just because of what this knob-head represents.
There are other more informative Motoring shows from all around the world on youtube anyway.


I like his style of presentation

uyo mseee alikua na kiherehere miiingi na ujuaji wacha akalee mbue sasa

far too many people cannot take a joke

Far Q! @mariachi and say hello to my fist on your face and far Q too for being a retarded negroid!
(that was a joke @mariachi …courtesy of Jeremy…)
I hope you enjoy his sarcastic British upper class humour you House nigger!!!

I enjoy Clarkson’s humour. Infact James May is the wet blanket in that lineup- always looking to be politically correct. Folks need to lighten up.

I dont know if you have ever lived through racism but i doubt that you would appreciate being de-humanised and belittled every waking day of your life if you ever did.
Some of us have to deal with the likes of Jeremy on a daily basis and there s nothing to lighten up about so like i said before: FAR Q!,you ignorant Negroid scum! learn when to speak and when to keep your opinion to your ignorant clueless mongoloid self!
The likes of Jeremy make me agree with Mugabe`s point of view because he is from the class of British society that still hold alot of influence in African affairs 50 years after our “independence”.

you keep referring to me as mongoloid etc etc. that places you on the same level as JC as you say, or worse. at least for him he is caucasian. JC says what he says and i respect him for that. most will think it while smiling at you, and shaking your hand. i accept i am black, nigger and all those terms. a white person saying or not saying it will not lower my self esteem.
our black folk are the most racist. that is why in a 5 star hotel right in africa a white person will get better service before you, regardless of your financial muscle.

what JC does and say is done without ill will. just banter. most vile racists are the ones who would never be caught in public saying the wrong thing. but catch them in all white indoors company then whatever they say would make JC seem like an angel.

A white person gets better service in Africa before me?..This only happens to inferior black people.I cannot count the number of hotel managers that have been called because i threw a tantrum in 5 star hotels from Nanyuki to Mombasa for this same reason and i doubt that any other African after me had bad service because i always leave the manager and the waiter “educated” on the importance of loving ourselves.
Human beings are racist and tribalist and that is just natures way of protecting ones identity. Being civilised and tolerant is about keeping your opinion to yourself! Just because a white man gives me a fake smile doesnt mean that i think he is okay with me being in his country,But in equal measure,me being from a certain tribe doesnt stop me from having an opinion on someone from an “inferior” tribe!
Its only when i verbally express my thoughts that i offend.
Jeremy Clarkson is paid directly by the public because the BBC is government run.The British public includes the full spectrum of races from around the world so he has no choice but to respect and be seen to respect the people who pay his hefty wage and not only that,he has a responsibility to uphold tolerance and the dignity of every one of his viewers.If he wants to promote any ideology or point of view,he can start a political party in his own time with his own money.


Without Clarkson, top gear uk will be more like top gear Australia/Us; you know it exists but you just don’t care.


will surely miss the remaining episodes of TG,i still hope they do the 918/P1/la ferrari showdown…that will be epic