Jeremy Clarkson dropped from Top Gear, BBC confirms

Well, i have one thing to say: Fuck him!
I will now be able to watch this programme when a fresh set of presenters are brought in.


They should say goodbye to their ratings…


I, on the other hand, am looking forward to seeing him on another station. Where they can be un-hypocritical and maintain that no holds barred banter. Sky are already ‘thuruari on head’ for him.


am very sure they will be snapped up by another station the whole lot of them quite soon, this guy never even finished high school but he is the man

like his boss said “a line has been crossed” If your punched anybody at your job,you get sacked.
You will be surprised he won`t get any job anywhere. Nobody is irreplaceable.

Maybe this time he bit more than he could chew.

All good things must come to an end. No one is indispensable.

Top Gear as we know it has come to a rather abrupt stop… but the 3 musketeers will be back on another station soon. already James May has said that the three ‘come as a package’ Even if no network wants JC now, money talks. the man is a revenue generator. wait for the hullabaloo to die down and see how fast they will be snapped up. hope he learnt his lesson though- banter is all well and good but physical violence is a no no.

for the 300 million weekly viewers who tuned in for his sense of humor BBC have fuckèd themselves in the ass


Rupert Murdoch who owns Sky and Fox Tv has been quoted just a few minutes ago calling BBC management stupid for dropping Jeremy but has he got big enough balls to give Jeremy and the 3 musketeers a job? I doubt it! Dont forget that what Jeremy has been sacked for is against the law so you can almost rule out any chance of him working on British TV which leaves America as the only place he would be employable.Who in the world relates to American cars and would there be any broadcasters in America that would capture BBCs international Branding just because of one man and a single motoring programme?

Time will tell. tutapatana kwa hii kiwanja when the first episode is out. na btw Top Gear was about all cars- British, American, Chinese, Japanese and even Russian. hell, even soviet era ones! so ata wakienda US the diversity will not suffer. that is one of the things that made the show alone a 50 million pounds monster in airings globally

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there are ways to bypass those regulations.btw he can’t work for BBC but can work for other British companies…in this error of tv ratings someone will sign him up


This will be a stepping stone to a bigger show. also a way to give the ‘beeb’ the middle finger. i hear a senior producer there had an axe to grind with JC. atapata a new home asitense. lakini no more punching fellow employees! he had been drinking btw

The last time I checked, the petition page for his return had reached a million.With the support of his colleagues it’s a matter of time before another channel picks the show.All major media moguls can see the money on the table.Doesn’t matter if it’s states or uk, the fans of the show are from around teh world.

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Morals before money. Thank you BBC

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BBC management are just stupid. There are thousands of car show around the world that actually review cars. The only reason we tuned in/pirated was Jeremy’s humour.

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I wonder what is so funny about being racially abused verbally and physically (in the case of this Irish producer).
Jeremy Clarkson is from the same old school of TV presenters who are now being sued right,left and centre for “historical sexual harrassment” because for too long celebrities and TV presenters for that matter were getting away with anything because of their celebrity status.What you call humor would not be so funny if you were a black person being called a “dolly-wog” or being from all the different backgrounds that he ridiculed be it gay,Romanian, Albanian etc.
What im saying is that you would have to live in Britain for a while to understand why Jeremy is an asshole! It may be humor for anybody outside Britain to hear racial abuse but not so funny when the joke is on you inside Britain;thats how he has managed to get away with it and be popular internationally.

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bullshit.all white people are racist pigs.every black man knows this but when one comes around who can insult you and still make you laugh …now thats a rare racist who deserves to be on TV for a long time.he at least doesn’t pretend like 99% of white folks

I guess Richard Hammond will go back to filming animals.