Jennifer Wambua Assassination by tenderpreneurs

Ladies are dying at a very high rate over these tenders. 3 women in a span of a month na hawa wote ni wamama, when you are a parent you must really hedge your risks. Please if you can not run with the wolves, achana na mambo ya conning your partners in crime, testifying against tenderpreneurs, my fren if people who are to testify in Hague walichinjwa, what can you really expect? This is not a movie ati witness protection whatever you see on TV, don’t try to be a hero, achana na watu watajirike na Mali ya ufisadi, you will die and leave your children suffering over alot of nonsense which will be of any benefit to you. The only witness you can afford to be in Kenya is a Jehovah witness. To survive in Kenya you must have a very don’t care attitude na hata saa ingine unacheza kama wewe. Yes, I used another person’s ID to get covid vaccine @Purple enda ukanistaki Hague mama, see what is happening in Kenya to self righteous women like you. A mere woman with a very small office you want to give evidence to send politicians to jail? Madam, pole to the family but ladies it’s time to understand the kind of environment you are living in as a weaker link. Kenya is a jungle, you are more safer inside the Kakamega Forest with those big pythons, at least you can talk to them how Eve did back in the day. Than in these streets especially in the cut throat of tenderpreneurs. Please just fall back and let them steal its not worth your life corruption iko Kenya it’s trying to save a fish from an ocean, you drown and the fish didn’t want to be saved. Even if they compel you to testify just pretend to be mentally incapacitated the doctor says that you are depressed and you can’t testify case closed. Kenya is a jungle but if you know how to live in it you have an amazing stress free life and live long enough to see your grand kids, if you want to know how bad it is remember the Maasai Mara Heist? The guys did not get anything for all the evidence and proof that they wasted their time collecting only for the woman and her driver to be fully reinstated. Even Jesus Himself said, I send you out as lambs among wolves, be as innocent as doves but as wise as serpents. OK. Your life matters alot to the people who love you and have built their lives around you to whom you are irreplaceable, don’t lose it over somethings that are beyond. RIP but let this be a lesson to others who think there’s justice in this country. Or that corruption is being fought. So sad aki they raped her and left her naked. As a warning to others. So sad. Pole to the family.

A former CJ once said…“Kenya is a bandit Economy…and these corrupt guys can wipe u out if u become a stumbling block to them”…the message has been sent.