Jemimah Wangari: William Ruto will be jailed for 20yrs

C[ATTACH=full]868[/ATTACH] Controversial city prophetess, Jemimah Wangari, now claims that God revealed to her in a dream that Deputy President William Ruto will be jailed for 20 years in the Hague.
The 42 year old prophetess, who claims to have a direct communication line with God, put it clear that not even prayers by Kenyans will save Ruto from being slapped with the 20 year jail term.

“Sometimes back, I prophesied to President Kibaki and he called me mad. See what has happened to his wife. I want to tell Uhuru that Ruto will be jailed for 20 years.” She told a crowd that had gathered around Ambassadeuer Hotel today after-noon.

The controversial prophetess further said that 2015 will be a bad year for Kenyans and there will be more blood-shed.

“In 2015, there will be more blood-shed because God is angry with Kenyans. I saw blood all over in a dream and painful cries from all corners of the Country. Not even prayers and repentance will save you. God is angry, very angry.” She further told the crowd that was left in shock.

Huyu ni kazi amekosa…si aingie kwa mabasi hapo Ambassadeur aitishe sadaka.

hehe and did u notice the idlers listening to her…hao wote ni team jobless corner…kwanza kuna msee Right of the picture…amevaa chcked shirt with black jacko na ame pocket…huyo ni Dr.jakenya UN driver

propaganda imeganda proper

God loves this country…Hekaya hatutaki,These prophets n Prophetess have come and gone .

Dr. Jakenya.