Jehovah Wanyonyi Has Gone To Heaven In a Flaming Chariot

He is no longer with us, stories on the ground do not concur on what exactly happened, but I know for a fact he left in a chariot


I hope this is not his little devious plan to upstage or make Obama disappear huko up in the air

Obama lazima afike

kwani amekuwa elijah tena…

Hehehehe. He claims he is Yahweh

Is he dead ama ana-stage kifo?
Other sources saying ako hai.

Dont understand y his followers still insist that he is not dead.You could see the vigour with which they try to drive(or is it push…force…)their point home.

When he lived, the guy enjoyed the warmth of any pussy he desired among his flock. What more can a God hope for?

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clever guy, he will “resurrect” when Obama lands, watch this space,

Anyone with a link to this story?

it should have made the major papers’ online by now

I still cannot decide who is deadlier, Jehovah Wanyonyi or bishop Kanyari.

@FieldMarshal CouchP …Dont give him those status.Its god with a small ‘g’.

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Wanyonyi was good to his people and they were happy to serve him. Kanyari just conned everybody bila ubaguzi.

His women seem to love him. Its more realistic to have wanyonyi for a god. You can get something from him right away. no promises and no waiting to die to reap the fruits of worship

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He died from jiggers and was burried in one of his sons farms secretly

Hehe,how do guys follow some loser blindly?ata Kuna angels Kati yao.Heard that @Wakanyama is one of the disciples.


god Wanyonyi is alive .

This guy has 70 wives and 500 kids

dude had seventy wives. SEVENTY fwuckin DFHLMBHBLNKN! this is the Solomon of our times. Damn! why are some men so lucky?

Jehovah Wanyonyi was born in
1924 in Mount Elgon area, the
mountain he claims is Mount
He reportedly has several wives
and many children, who strongly
believe that they are the true descendants
of the Biblical children
of Israel.
Jehovah Wanyonyi’s sect, with
an estimated 1,000 people, is
registered under the name of
‘Lost Israelites’.
Jehovah Wanyonyi claims to be

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