Jeff koinange

Jeff is a crook…
Nowadays It seems the media is offering cleaning services for the crook and corrupt
Jeff kabla interview [ATTACH=full]201081[/ATTACH]

How do you suppose he should pay his 72k per month power bill?

PS: No idea what interview you are referring to.

interview ya Jana… he was soo lame


Labda niipate YouTube… but Jeff has always been lame.

Lakini, if the kiddo was not malong’s what was he doing at his residence?

When you cant explain your source of wealth hio si ni “krimino”? That is what you get when “stupid” gets money, angema he has various businesses, hio hatunge question sana lakini ju his business is “jesus blessed me” we have to accept and move on , lakini tusisahau kiatu na watch alone were worth 11 million, plus his room costs him 250k per day

Lazma the beast iwekwe ngata…

Jeff kazi yake huwa sanitising kiriminos tu