Jazero crater mars..


Hapo Elon musk alisema NASA nachukua time refu sana kupeleka mbirrionares to colonise it
Hapo wakianza colonization wasipeleke wanyama kama nyoka huko

watu nyeusi wataruhusiwa huko kweli waki colonize mars?

“Kuruhusiwa” implies there’s someone who will own Mars. There is a treaty forbidding ownership of anything in space.

I’m sure going to mars will be a very discriminatory process for black folks especially Africans

Yes, if Africans cannot figure out a way to get there then we will be at the mercy of mzungu.

Lazima BBW’s wapelekwe huko…


If NASA or Elon manage to colonize mars who’s going to be in charge of mars? USA? UN?. Or All governments in the world will be given a seat and place to freely bring their people?.

Yeah,US,Rusky and UK ,but in reality the treaty cannot be practically enforced. So a country, individual or company could simply ignore it if they so wished unless ile space polis ya trump ikushike,besides,where will you be jailed?

Ni kujua haujui wewe !!
That treaty is for preventing others claiming ownership of anything in space, As we would say in .ke space iko na wenyewe.

Some provisions of the Outer Space Treaty of 1967:
[li]Space should be accessible to all countries and can be freely and scientifically investigated.[/li][li]Space and celestial bodies are exempt from national claims of ownership.[/li][li]Countries are to avoid contaminating and harming space or celestial bodies.[/li][li]Countries exploring space are responsible and liable for any damage their activities may cause.[/li][li]Space exploration is to be guided by “principles of cooperation and mutual assistance,” such as obliging astronauts to provide aid to one another if needed.[/li][/ul]

A company can have its officials jailed when they inevitably return to Earth. For the countries, nobody was forced to sign the treaty, they signed it because they understood it was necessary and believed in the agreement. It is unlikely they would renege on the deal, if they did though, I accept not much can be sone about it other than publicly shaming them.

The treaty covers over 100 countries with another 80 waiting to ratify. Itakuwa ngumu kuruka hao wasee wote.

Watarukwa tu, it depends on what is at stake. At the moment, not much.
Let’s go back a bit
Last year, there was news of phospine, seemingly a chemical making up life, on Venus. Russia went ahead to claim Venus as its planet. Maybe it was just a fluke, but think of it, were the US or any other power discover life on a nearby planet, do you think a treaty will prevent it from claim with all the resources at stake?

By ze way hiyo rover ingebeba mende au kunguni ziachiliwe huko Mars. Tuone kama zitatoboa.