Japan Hands Over City Master Plan

What happened ?


An ambitious Master Plan handed over by JICA to the County of Nairobi is set to transform Nairobi into a world-class city. The Nairobi Integrated Urban Development Master Plan (NIUPLAN) 2014-2030 was developed through a consultative process that incorporated views from the private and public sectors, academia, political leadership and the general public. The process begun in 2012 and was completed in 2014.

JICA’s Chief Representative Mr. Hideo Eguchi remarked during the handover ceremony: “We are happy to finally hand over the ambitious plan that will make Nairobi a truly global city.” He added that Nairobi has a lot of potential, sentiments that were echoed by H.E. Tatsushi Terada, the Ambassador of Japan to the republic of Kenya. “Implementation of the plan will make Nairobi a globally attractive city that is iconic for regional integration and sustainability,” noted Ambassador Terada.

H.E. Dr. Evans Kidero, the Governor of Nairobi lauded Japan’s support to Kenya over the last 50 years. Having recently returned from a trip to Japan, he thanked JICA for the invitation and said he had observed the advanced infrastructural development and solid waste management. He also thanked JICA for its support to the development of the Master Plan, which he notes will “harness the enormous economic potential, increase energy efficiency, reduce social inequity and create sustainable livelihoods for all.”

To achieve this, several flagship projects have been prioritized, including decentralizing services from the Central Business District (CBD), construction and widening of roads, railway city development, development of new landfill sites, improved water distribution network and storm water drainage system. Implementation of this ambitious plan will ensure sustainable development and free the city of challenges currently experienced such as serious traffic jams, and Nairobi is indeed poised to become a first-class city.

May it be so…

The Master Plan is just rotting away somewhere in City Hall. I don’t know what it’ll take to even get the county assembly to discuss it.

The question you need to ask yourself is: why are Japs doing a masterplan for us?
Have we done for them for their capital city Tokyo?
Mtumie akili.

Delayed by a few years but its implementation is right on track!Make google your friend.

Because they have better experience than us in that field. Sometimes to progress you must be humble in your SWOT analysis.

Dubai has practically been design and built by foreigners…

Is Nairobi Dubai?

:D:D:D… I had given you the benefit of doubt but now I know you are not ignorant… you are stupid.

I’m trying to figure out where you’re coming from ?

You think you are clever but actually quite thick.

Why should it be normal for Japs to do a masterplan for you? How many universities are In this country that foreigners have to plan for you?

For how long will you be humble. Is doing a master plan rocket science?

How can you bring a story with Kidero the crook in it?

We have a lot of Professionals in this country, and we have lots of opportunities despite having these professionals.
City planning is a complex issue, and if JICA has offered a hand why not ?

:D:D:D… the question you are asking have cleared all doubts about your IQ.

In the sector I work in, I have seen the Japs together with a few Ministries technicians develop something like this. It does not work when foreigners develop something you’ll be using on a day to day basis, it is normally an unworkable document because the Japs way of living, culture and standards are different from our euro centric ones.

Waliiba kiondo na jap tourists,this is their way of saying

I guess here the Technicians might have failed to articulate the expected outcome.

The thing is, if you are getting something for free then you can’t complain when it doesn’t work. Look at Ngong rd, an unworkable rd and now we have to spend more money on the crazy junctions because the Japs designed them like Tokyo rds.