Japan breaks train speed record with Maglev train

They brought the world the bullet train. Now engineers in Japan have broken the world train speed record for the second time in a week - topping 603kph.

Central Japan Railway has been testing its advanced superconducting Maglev train at Yamanashi west of Tokyo.
After decades of research and development officials are confident their technology will shape a new generation of trains.

“This train is set up the same way we will use it commercially,” said Yasukazu Endo from Central Japan Railway.
“We have seen the comfort of passengers at this high speed has improved. I think such test results should lead to a stable commercial use in the future.”

The test is part of an ambitious plan to build a $47bn high-speed line between Tokyo and Nagoya. If completed as planned in 2027, the 280km could be travelled in around 40 minutes. Much of the route will be through underground tunnels.


The Japanese people must have no tolerance for failure. I read somewhere that they don’t like foreigners in their country because foreigners tend to want to chat while working thereby increasing distraction from the job. I laughed because at my work place, people talk all day long.
Anyways the distance from Nairobi to Mombasa is quoted as 483 Km. Can we get a bullet train instead of SGR? Those who didn’t have cassette players leapt forward and skipped cassette players and got CD players, right? Of course I’m kidding here


Kenya is fuckin poor country. Even if we built the rail and bought the train, it would be a total loss and misplaced priority. That money can build roads to almost every village here. Japanese are past that.

The test is part of an ambitious plan to build a $47bn high-speed line between Tokyo and Nagoya.

Hapo ndio shida iko.

God knows what the Japanese think when they see how hopelessly incompetent we are :frowning:
I was just joking when I said we skip the SGT.

Isn’t that a disaster on the making? Reminds me that they are still trying to recover from the nuclear accident at TEPCO reactors.

The bible clearly says that our advancement shall be our destruction. It is truest for Japan.

Saw the news clip on DW TV last evening and was mesmerized. Imagine traveling from Busia to Mombasa in a little over one hour, or Mombasa to Moyale…oh the possibilities!!

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603kph :eek:

The Japanese work ethic is too much in my opinion.its common to work 15-19 hours a day in japan and the company you work for litterally owns you.

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Now sit down and imagine where these guys will be when / if we reach where they are now.


Whats the need for working if you cant even enjoy your hard earned cash?? That’s why in such countries, you find that rates of suicides are very high among the young men and women because their parents are too busy to take them through their childhood and teenage years.
I hear also that in Japan, the population is ageing. There are more old men over 55 years than there are Under 18 years. To me that’s a country which is heading to the grave literary…at bullet train high speed.o_O


They are too busy to procreate, leave alone enjoy their God-given poosies and dciks.

This is changing by the way. I’ve been watching some features where many employers now insist that employees must go home by 8p.m at the latest and are employing people to enforce that.

Teleportation, then they can add an hour to their already crowded work schedule.

You read my mind.

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Only a secluded number of Japanese do the “thinking”. An average Japanese would let a factory burn down incase of fire if the boss doesn’t tell him to extinguish it…First hand experience…

I believe even in Kenya we have great minds just that there isn’t enough support plus the kind of people we elect have got zero vision.

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8pm? Ni kazi wanapenda ama?

Vanity akin to chasing the wind

No teen pregnancies in Japan infact it said young people do a lot of chatting than hanging out or having sex.
The government is trying to put up a plan on how to encourage young people to engage in sexual relations.

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Twende huko dagitari?