January 20.

A sad day for MAGGots. Trump even refused to let Joe use one of Airforce idle jets to fly to DC. He had to hire a private jet.

Drumpf yenyewe ako na maFeelings kama a teenage girl:D
Eti …waache watumie uber meffi wao…mbona walining’oa :smiley:

Including all the trumpidots here wote ni meffi

Trumpsters ,mbona umama?

Biden is a senile, stuttering man and too weak to be president

He’s just a selfish toddler who thinks all about himself…remember his comments about not getting a ‘Thank you’ for flying McCain’s body to DC?
Rewind 4 years ago, and compare with the support the Obamas gave him, and the dignified transfer of power.
If you think Trump couldn’t get any worse, he’s planned a military send-off for himself at Andrews Air Force Base (just outside DC), then use the presidential jet to fly to Florida. Well, the best part is, by the time Air Force One lands in Florida, Trump will be a private citizen and a wanted criminal.