Jana usiku I was sexually assaulted

The world is on the verge of being taken over by feminist chauvinism!

Jana usiku kuamkia leo I was out and about hustling and one job took me to a University campus around two in the morning.
I like working in the dead of night juu it’s nice and quiet and it was going all so well until I got to this uni where I had to drop some merchandise. I obviously didn’t count on the fact that it was Wednesday night which is party night and I have a delivery to make right next to the main entertainment halls.

Kidogo a group of drunken young ladies come my way and I’m expecting them to let me be as I do my job.
One of them says hello as they walk by and I politely say hello if only to get rid of them, ( drunks hate to be ignored)…
Thats when she follows me as I carry some stuff and she shamelessly grabs my ass!!!
The rest of them think it’s funny and they all come at me grabbing at both my buttocks and my bell end!.. And then they all walk away laughing…

For a moment I was angry but for a man my age, I decided to take it as a compliment that young girls like that would even pay me any attention.

But just imagine if I was a woman and s bunch of horny young men did the same to me?
That campus is fully fitted with cameras so I wasn’t surprised when the campus police stopped me and wanted to know if I wanted to make a complaint!..

I need this contract so I am not interested in making any complaints.

But it got me thinking about Harvey Weinstein ( big Hollywood producer) who is under fire for apparently shagging some desperate actresses who he helped into being famous.
I am 100% sure that all these women now accusing him of rape and all sorts would have done just about anything then, just to get an acting job!
Now all of a sudden they cry rape and sexual harrasment!

The double standards and hypocrisy in the modern feminists makes my blood boil!..

How are humans supposed to procreate if you can’t even ask a woman out without being accused of sexual harrasment?..

I suspect an agenda being pushed by the LGBT or by owners of dating websites.

Soon, the only legal way to ask for pussy will be online!.

at I grab your ass? Bibi Waweru umeanza

It’s indeed really interesting. When birds gawk at jamaas it’s taken as a joke actually guys take it as a compliment. When they grab you even better. But let’s interrogate this. If the advances are coming from the “early man” variety (I have nothing against beauty challenged women) b.itches or pokos men are not impressed.

Women adore and thrive on attention.
If you give any woman on this planet enough attention,they will be yours.
Attention and affection = getting pussy
Go figure!

Ati waweru alifanya nini tena?

Men fear going into prison for the same reasons women feel working in environments that harbour toxic masculinity. Always love and protect the women in your life.

…then I got home and found that my wallet was gone…

You are so pussy whooped it’s pathetic!
Nani anaulizia wanaume?..

… Whipped? Or even better hen pecked. Yes Its pathetic that i believe in women being empowered. Why should i defend a grown ass man who was brought up believing women are meant to be the lesser gender?

The best way to look at it is putting yourself in the situation. If you have female family members, how would you like them to be treated.

Women are more vulnerable than men and it is this same vulnerability that Waweru used on you when you were a greenhorn in the U.K.

hii jinga bibi ya Waweru apart from picha ya akipikia Waweru spagheti hajawai weka picha ya momo mzungu for the last 90 years amekuwa ktalk . very gay character


bado kinaandika ngojeni response

Cc. @culture :D:D:D:D

Wawerû nîkîî?

It’s a tough situation compounded by the fact that you’re a black man, and I presume those girls were white? You could press charges but be prepared for backlash. Yes there are double standards, pole my dear.

@Ka-Buda besides hiyo kichwa kubwa uko na shida kibao.


this girl cries wolf every time someone coughs

double standards are for nyaus!

You could have done something more constructive like suck on my cock in the time you wasted creating that gif. Kikikikkkk…
Silly Moo!..

Yeah they were all white. I wouldn’t want to raffle any feathers and jeopardize my business so I will let it go.
I appreciate that you as a female acknowledge the double standards.
This is a serious issue.