Jana Chris Kirubi Alichokoza Nyuki

Who has a link to that Interview aweke plis? My bro and sisters from the lakeside threw tantrums all over social media after that chris kirubi and KQ interview.
BTW, Mbona kenya Airways huitwa K.Q? Just like vile Emirates Airlines huitwa E.K? what IATA codes are those? Cheq the pics vile nyuki zilichokozwa…


Ala :eek:.

kwani he blamed luos for the losses at the airline?

Alikula asali?

truth be told.
these people and money dont augur well.
look at what one of them is doing to the american fortunes

Hakunaga kitu Kama IATA codes. Ni ICAO airline 3 letter designators. KQ Ni KQA pronounced as Kenya. FFV for fly540 pronounced as Swift Tango. BAW for Speedbird. AFR for Airfrance. QTR for Qatar. IYE for Yemen air. XAK for airkenya. KSF for Kenya school of flying…PRF for Precision air…


Hebu fafanua tafadhali.

ni wapi uliskia hawa watu wakicheza na big boys coin and making it.
they first buy things for show which in real sense they dont require

Please post the facebook links hapo juu. Mimi nitaclick

There actually is something called IATA codes or designators. The 3 letter IATA Code for Nairobi is NBO, Mombasa is MBA and Kisumu is KIS. The IATA Code for Kenya Airways is KQ, Emirates is EK. Ethiopian ET etc. The ICAO Code is a 4 letter code with Jomo Kenyatta being HKJK. Kisumu Int’l being HKKI and Mombasa Int’l being HKMO. If you look at your luggage before boarding or for something boarding, you will usually notice the 3 letter code of it’s Destination, that is the IATA Code for the City. IATA is a Body that Represents Airlines while ICAO represents contracting member States mostly Commonwealth nations.

As for the ICAO 3 letter Airline designators I would believe you are correct with KQA being KQ, AFR Airfrance etc


Ya fly 540 inafaa iwe CAR for Carrot




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thats very insightful @Mwananchi thanks for clarifying. chris kirubi deserves some stick for blaming the lakeside people for kq loss! kwani wajaluo tu ndio hu-operate kq?

niwapi anabonga mbaya sis tuko kwa bundles za Bob Conmemore

Point of collection. ICAO isn’t comprised mostly of commonwealth nations. Infact most the world countries are ICAO members. I recall only two where the rules of the air doesn’t apply as you overfly them because they aren’t party to Icao. Trinidad n Tobago,the Vatican and of course the high seas. Anywhere else civil aviation follows SARPS-standard and recommended practices from callsigns of aircraft to route designation and airspace classification. IATA is just secondary helping people with easier jargons in naming cities and airlines but inside civil aviation those terms are non-recognisable. I see you know something abt location indicators. There is a whole document on that from ICAO…4lettter designators of all airports in member states.

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But yenyewe CK anaangusha points za maana sana

IATA is just as useless an asssoociation which accredits even the silliest of things even Nairobi Aviation. And please please ambieni watoto hawa wanatoka high wawachane Na hizi ma courses za ujinga za avi. They are ill advised without knowing what lays ahead…they are promised attacho…only for con artists teachers to thin in air. Civil Aviation is as complicated and most parents are equally naive. Seen kids lied over eti flight dispatch,airframes engineers etc…sad

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Very true; ni mawaidha ndio hawapei ya kutisha and em kids are also ignorant. This comment requires a listing for discussion.

I am not the dj’s biggest fan but you, hastag, are reading too much into things. At no point did he blame Luos for the losses at KQ. He said there is tribalism. Ama tribalism is a synonym for Luos?


Kuna hio point Kirubi amesema Part 2 11:40, money doesn’t follow books rules.