James Mwangi..wings to fly Program

Am watching this guy on Jeff Koinange and hes equity group wings to fly program…and hes so motivating… despite his humble background he has pioneered such a scholarship
With some of the sponsored working for organizations like JP Morgan ,NASA ,Fidelity …etc

We need more visionary leaders for Africa like him

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Why don’t you become like him or even better? this mentality has to stop

James is what i call PR that is polished beyond Olivia Pope. Ask any loyal Equity employee I excluded.


Are you saying the guy is overacted the way Kao women are overatted?


The kao waman i had was not overrated but the nigga is a hypocrate. His workers are overworked underpayed and you cant have a life if you in equity.

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Ulimwachilia aende?

hahaha… couldnt bare it for the rest of ma life… it was like she was always on steroids ilifika time i said this is just plain punishment



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True that PR was first class and I never bought into it. Any junior Equity employee with university qualifications will tell you how much they are itching to move from the bank.

I wonder why women have to believe what they hear/see without question. I also love that this weakness serves our(men) purpose. Imagine women were like men when it comes to convincing. I mean like I have to submit an audit report on myself to them and sign a contract before I get her to hear me out. That would suck.

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Hoe did Jeff host the show? Thought he was supposed to be arrested?


this people can go to hell

Am nt talking about equity employees…bt kids from poor background who are educated …n get opportunities in life… to chnge their lives

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It was recorded

I hope the beneficiaries come back home to bring development…saa zingine they might forget where they came from

It was aired live last Thursday. It was a repeat. I watched it for about 5 minutes on Thursday and then switched off the TV coz deep down, there is something that makes me not really like this Dagitari Mwangi. I think he is a snob and a selfish opportunist to say the least.

I wonder what will happen to Equity once he exits the stage, Mumias and Kq are struggling after the exit of Kidero and Naikuni respectively.

Yeah. But in the case of Kidero and Naikuni, they contributed to the problems being faced currently by both Musco and KQ respectively. Mwangi, even though he is a slave driver, has made Equity one of the most profitable banks in the region.

He’s very hard to work with yes and can really micromanage his employees from what I had …looking at the bigger picture these kids going
to Harvard, Yale and even local universities means a lot, and with Clinton’s foundation coming on board this will transform many lives
beyond their dreams

Look at a guy like Kirubi…does he even sponsor anyone

The two companies were doing perfectly well until the guys left. If you can get the Daily nation of Saturday 23Rd May, there is an article by David Ndii titled, Binge investing: Lessons from Kq and Mumias. He did a good job on the two and also shed some light on the government coming up with big projects which in the long run are not viable.

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