James May and Richard Hammond Refuse To Film ‪Topgear‬ Without Jeremy...

[SIZE=5]The two co-hosts rejected an offer to present the last three shows without the suspended star
Top Gear could have stayed on air without Jeremy Clarkson - but his co-hosts reportedly refused to present the show without him.

James May and Richard Hammond were offered the chance to front the motoring show during Clarkson’s suspension, according to a BBC executive.

Discussions were held about broadcasting the last three episodes with mainly recorded segments while the two co-stars filmed the studio parts.

However the BBC insider told the Mirror that May and Hammond rejected the offer and refused to go on air without their long-time colleague.

The source said: "They didn’t want to do it without Jeremy so the talks didn’t get off the ground.

“There is a feeling that it is all of them or none of them.”


Yule jamaa wa Simba one na malaika alienda wapi…?

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Hio ndio ubaya wa kulipa watu pesa nyingi, wanamea pembe.

kwa kweli wapi @crazydude?

my sentiments exactly…top gear=jerremy clarkson


sasa hii ni kumean no top gear? :frowning:

Ehee once saw a show a feature kudis BMW X5 over Evoque. Bn glued to their featurer’s from then

Top gear inabore anyway. It is usually grossly biased.

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It is boring if you watch it solely to be updated on cars and their specific performance. That series is a combination of comedy and auto car related news. They are never too serious on anything; the reason they do some weird challenges and end up capturing viewers both young and old. Actually it’s the most watched autocar show ever and mind you there are so many other serious car shows like autocar and EVO. So to you its boring coz you never got the point of the show.


Anybody who really a is motoring enthusiast has no time for this crap.This is a programme made for the same breed of people who claim to be football “fans” but have no idea who their favorite team is playing next weekend.

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I saw your comments about Jeremy and dude just coz you hate someone doesn’t mean you got the right to shove your baseless opinions up other people’s minds. If the show ain’t for motor heads, why would sebbastian vettel, lewis humilton, michael Schumacher etc even bother to come MORE THAN ONCE to have an interview with Jeremy? Why would abu dhabi close a major highway for a day only for Hammond to air a 10 min piece of his show? Why would bugatti allow James May to get a go and do a world record on their private circuit in Germany? Koengisegg and Nobel had to send a replacement asap when one of their rare models got damage under these presenters and this is not Toyota nor Nissan that can be wrecked and be replaced in hours. Just coz they can talk about cars and make any person enjoy it doesn’t make it not for petrol heads too. Just coz they have gone over the line and made mistakes like any other human doesn’t mean we won’t watch it. Just coz you can’t stand the heat doesn’t mean we will walk out of the kitchen with you. Every one has a choice of what to watch and for the millions who are on toes with top gear, your hate won’t change their minds about the show. So move on and keep your hate to yourself.


Refer to my earlier comment.
The show attracts a massive audience and thats why all the celebrities want to be seen in it for their own PR reasons.
Whether the same calibre of drivers and any of their teams would sit and watch Top Gear to learn anything new about cars: I wouldn`t think so.
That is my drift,gerrrit?

Yeah. Anybody who knows anything about cars will find it crappy.

Wewe unajua a difference between reality and marketing? If its crappy to some people its crappy.

to each his own.if am going to watch something i might as well laugh while am at it.tried watching fifth gear though informative couldn’t make it past 10 minutes.shit was boring as hell


@Ka-Buda hapo umenoa.

Lakini wao hukua biased.iko siku wali diss bmw hadi nikawachukia.


qqwqin this

in this latest season Clarkson described the M3 as the best mid sized saloon car ever when he almost chose the new BMW hybrid

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