James Bond Wanjigi

Word on the street is that he is asking for state protection claiming to be trailed day and night by unknown individuals…Intresting times ahead.

Really? Which street?

Jimmy one jiggy

jubilee bloggers na jimmy! si muache mjamaa akulie kivulini,

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Juma alianza hivi and everyone ignored him citing that he was attention seeker, what finally happened to him. Let him speak out. But I thought he was ‘Untouchable’ what has changed

Rink hii hapa mujamaa.


My friend, hii tuliona kabla na tukasema ni mha!

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The sad thing about this state of affairs is that an evil mind can take advantage of the situation to liquidate 1Jiggy… and it’s obvious who will be blamed and who will benefit most!



Especially if he’s avoiding paying up someone’s money…


If you can’t pay 10 billion, killing the creditor is a quick solution.


If you can afford to loan some shifty fella 10billion then he turns around and puts lead in your brain, you are the one to blame for not buying yourself top notch security.


No security is 100% effective. A sniper can take out anyone, including the president.

Exactly like Potus JF Kennedy. Though I hear he was brought down by NIS ya huko ie the CIA.

watching too much action movies will kill you

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Movies or not, it is the truth. The only reason that snipers dont take out dictators is because if the serious consequences involved. Wanjigi is not a politician/president. His money is not enough to protect him. His death is a simple murder case, and the government cant bother dedicating VAST resources and time investigating the death of a citizen.

That’s why I couldn’t buy the boochit that three men were found by his car in the basement parking.