Lakini women at times? Hamujihurumi Jameni? Kwani must you date ata hujapona? Let’s normalize being single, girls, this is now a very bad addiction. But see what I always say, wanaume ni hasidi na hasidi hana utu wala huruma. The way you will protect yourself from a venomous snake, do the same for these chimps. This is so bad aki. Pls ladies if you can’t meet anyone humane it’s OK to stay single instead of being harmed by psychos. Mambo ya being ready for love achia Cinderella. It will predispose you to abuse from men. Tujipende please.


Hey ladies , I’m new to the group… right now I’m looking for support from my fellow women . My heart is extremely broken . I feel so down and in disbelief at the moment. I was dating this guy, freshly after my leg was broken by my ex who ran me over with his car. This man came in like Superman and swept me off my feet. After a couple home dates because i can’t get out he became overly sexual and put me in a position where i felt I didn’t have a choice but to have sex with him. It wasn’t enjoyable at all . Especially being i just had surgery on my leg. I tried to be understanding even tho that day made me uncomfortable. He started being weird to me after. So i spoke on how i was feeling . He some how turned it on me and i ended up apologizing and feeling like it’s my fault. Like maybe i enticed him , or maybe i shouldn’t have invited him over and etc. ultimately he went from coming to see me 3 times a week to none at all because he said I shouldn’t have said anything about him treating me differently and that I was in my feelings and started to say whatever… it hurts because i really wanted to believe he was different because like me he comes from a teo parent household , hes the oldest of 11 im thr oldest of 9 , on school /working , own place , car , and we had chemistry . I tried my best to work the situation out because I’m tired of starting over and I’m ready for love , marriage and a family. He said he was too. Now I have no choice but to cut him off and I’m extremely hurt…. Please help your sister