Please guys avoid these cheap cheap airlines, the flight attendant poured hot tea on the thighs of a passenger who is now suing for damages of Kshs215,000/= . Surely a burnt thigh is unimagineable.While cutting costs these guys employ stewwardess who cant even serve tea? Jameni? Please avoid this airline.

Maybe it was a turbulence…

Does your reach husband own a jambo jet?

Why not… Just put it on the list of boycotted items. #resist

Wewe panda forward traveler rudi kayole wacha kusubuwa watu !

shai moto kwa makagari

Hii Josephine Onyango inaishi hapa ktalk. Hana zake. It’s a lonely life.

But huyu ameoa MMeru.

anza kurelease videos like your brother who has a pimple above his neck thai i think is supposed to carry his brains…na amazingly kwa izo video zake anaonyeshananga sana sana io kichwa tu…
maybe you will get more people listening to you or watching you…kwanza nani akiona ww ni momo…

:D:D Cruel. Just take out the .dll


In your dreams do you think dick is a jet? That spits burning tea?

Hajaolewa. Enda huko secrets section uone mulika

Who values their thighs at 215,000 ?. NKT

another opportunistic bugger spotted. Ajali hufanyika and if you make it alive a small sorry should be sufficient.

Kuna watu thighs is their livelihood unafikiria watatoa zingine wapi? Unless waende grafting?