Jalas wife works for Safaricom as head of communication ?

And has 2 kids. I thought she was a housewife. Sasa hii scandal yote Jameni na vile watu wa ofisi hupenda mucene. What about her kids especially if they’re big? Mungu wangu, men hurumieni tuu these your wives and even your kids. Kweli kukula make ni gharama, it’s not for the faint of heart. Machos.

Bibi yupi anamini Edgar Obare?

Sio Edgar, now this issue unafanyiwa crowd sourcing. FB wameweka adi barua ya Compulsory leave. Aki Jalas woi. Sasa hii ni shida gani. I’ve never sympathized with a womanizer but nikikumbuka his story of how he started namuhurumia.

Jalango Has NOW Been Sent On Compulsory Leave AFTER HIS SEX ORGY OF WAZ-UP GROUP LEAKED.
He Has Been Replaced With With COMEDIAN Wambilianga

So the wife was a single mum of 2 kids. No wonder jamaa ako Freestyle na even the honeymoon period is not over. Heh! Part 2 of the Expose is coming tanight. Don’t miss it guys at Edgar Obare Instagram. Tanight.

Jalango is an embarassment not to himself but to family ya bibi yake na watoto wake. Anajifanya don’t care ati yeye ni tough guy but anakaa tu fala na anaaibisha wife yake bure. Anasahau si yeye wataaibika but bibi, family ya bibi, na watoto wake. Watu hucheza but hajui kucheza chini na akimulikwa anajali mabeste wake na hao madame kuliko bibi. The guy goes out of his way for his boys and those ladies but haezi simama na bibi.

Let’s wait for part 2 of the Expose coz the revelations am seeing online Jameni. People have receipts. Hao majamaa wake ndio Wali leak the proceedings on the WhatsApp group… So he better know who his friends are.

Hii stori ya Jalang’o sijaipata vizuri, someone take me through from the start.

We ni mluhya wa Aina gani boss? You are the one who should be briefing us. Sasa ulikua wapi all this time? We are waiting for part 2 of the Expose. Lemme look for you a link.


MoD you are v lazy. Kwani husomi tings posted here?
@Mangele cum help a lazy brada. While at it tell me why you never gave me and my gurl Jalango’s number despite asking you repeatedly. You asked me if we have a septic tank. We could have helped him.

Madam currently women will be wearing masks before taking any photo with a man coz hawa riff raff if you take a photo with any of them they say theyve all slept with them.

Why is he in that a group in the first place discussing sex lives with other men. Hakuna trophy ya kukula madame na madame ni wengi hatawai kuwamaliza. Inafaa even his best friend should never know. Wanaume hukula nje but yeye akona ka-utoto fulani ata niliwacha kumskia Milele FM coz naonanga izo advise anatoa sijui kama some doctor of love ni kama mtu ako high school hajakomaa kukuadvise ju ya ndoa. Pussy controls Jalas, he needs to get a grip on his life…akule vitu pole pole bila kuaibisha bibi na watoto. Jalas treats slay queens vizuri ata kuliko bibi.

My asking for his number was v tongue in cheek. But he messed bigtime. TV personas are owned by the viewers.
Ebu ngugu one of my fav TV presenters Caroline Flack who eventually committed suicide this year. She battered her cheating boyfriend with a lamp while he was sleeping and the story became fodder. He was saved by the police and the Crown Prosecution pressed on. When she realised everything was going to be exposed for the viewers and mafans like me she committed suicide. A v rising star, a huge talent. One of my fav reality shows is Love Island which she owned.


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uko safaricom ata yeye anagawa kama kawa, that is how you become an head of something, unless, of course you are very smart or rich

This will be jalango’s get out story. If he is a clever man he should insist he never slept with any of the ladies. Alikuwa anatuma tu random pics kwa a trusted group of friends just for fun. He should then apologise to his family na atasamehewa. People are already saying hakukamua those girls. He should just play along. Kama ni mimi I’d just spin the story enough to convince my employer na wife.

Generally Luo men are like that wakipata dough I think it’s because of the background where they come from unajua huko kwao many places hata pit latrines na bathrooms hakuna. So when they make it mutatii. I lived those sides for some time but sijawahi ona watu kama wajaka a. Wanaenda raha excessively. And womanizing 24’7 huko ni ukimwi imejaa and they don’t care. Ni kumangana mangana kama mambuzi. Do you know uneza Pata one man a fisher man ameweka 4 different girls in different lodging coz hio siku amepata pesa. The best business that is booming there is lodging and clubs. But ukiona their background unawaelewa kwa nini pesa inawatoa wazimu hivyo. Wametoka a very hardship area. So wakifika Nairobi and they make it ni kama wamefika mbinguni. Wanakua warui. Party 24’7.Womanising 24’7. Even after marriage it’s like bado they want to continue painting the town red. I have my pals who got married to wealthy Luos, hata hawananga time for their families. It’s just parte after parte and slay queen after slay queen. Very depressing life. Wajaka wako na serious problems with self control. I don’t know why.

Kosa la kwanza ni kuoa singo matha

Kugawa ya ofisi is not considered cheating hio ni taking one, two or ten for the team my fren.

But on WhatsApp group chats he has implicated himself. But how stupid is Jalango surely? It’s just the other day a video of pool party orgy was released. Tena he’s busy implicating himself in a group of 10 people Tena men. Wanaume WA nakuanga na siri kweli? How will you be in a WhatsApp group of so many people and you implicate yourself and you are a PR person. Jalango is very daft. How can you make the same mistake twice. Jalango thinks he’s invincible but atashangaa.

@Finest wine the girls are taking up a lawyer to sue Jalas and Sam Young for defamation ati they were requested for a selfie and even SY girlfriend was present. When the selfie was taken. Are this guys these desperate for recognition that they can even lie about someone who they just took selfies with ati wamempitia wote.