JaKuon's 'Hacking' Manenos

Finally, a lawyer has mentioned the weird press conferences that JaKuon and Mudavadi held during which they expressed 150% certainty about successful hacking into IEBC systems.


Scroll on to @9:00 and wonder together with Harrison Kinyanjui why the Raila Affidavit and the petition totally ignore the previous position that NASA had successfully gained (illegal!) access into the heart and soul of IEBC computer systems, which would have made yesterday’s demand to get ICT access unnecessary.


Did they include the code ama waliogopa it would be ripped to shreds upon cross?

who is Wainana in this case?

an Amos kuria




He is representing independent presidential candidate Prof Michael Wainaina


mtu ameona a job at the end of the tunnel…

I prophesied this that error log would never find the footing in a court of law. But lets see what they find from the system audit.

But I thought that the final results were to be based on the tally from the physical forms and not transmitted results rendering whatever they unearth from the system audit irrelevant, not so?

We cannot ignore the value of the system audit since we want to leave no room for the petitioner to feel aggrieved if the case is dismissed. Secondly, it serves a very important standard for ensuring IEBC is accountable in the future elections.


Either way, IEBC will never deliver a sound credible election until Raila wins.
Huu ndio ujinga kibao.

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