Jailbreaking iPhone

Who has a simple method of doing so, steps napata uncle Google zinasumbua.

Rudisha simu ya wenyewe. Can’t be done.

Inaonekana hujui jailbreak ni nini…pole sana

Why do you guys prefer iPhone to android devices

IPhones dont hang, 4k camera capabilities

Achana na low end android phones tafta middle range hutaona izo shida

I have an older s6 edge plus, 4 gigs RAM, 64gigs ROM. ata io 4k iko. It’s a 2015 phone lakini still a beast in 2019. You cannot just say iPhones are better spec’d than droids. Sema tu ni preference

Besha ngapi?

New one you can get for 25K

Sai, no idea. I have had mine since 2017

Shida ya hii fone ni battery

Yeap. LAkini with a few tweaks here and there, hunifikisha jioni

Tumia software inaitwa 3utools … enda kw tab ya jailbreak section (note that you have to be in the supported iOS versions)

eeh you’re so wrong on this.This was back in 2009 now android phones are soo much advanced.

Na inaeza tumika kujailbreak iphone 5?

Haina ios 13

Yes you can

the tool only simplifies the process so long as the ios you are on there is a jailbreak already out… inatumia the uncover jailbreak method…

Please elaborate

The software ni somewhat like itunes (like you can manage your idevice with it) the difference is that it add features like jailbreaking an iphone … it will detect your phone as well as the ios its running on and if uncover(a jailbreak method) supports the ios itakufanyia kila kitu (ps have internet as it may download some required files)
Ikimaliza just unlock your iphone(in my exemaple) open uncover and hit jailbreak
Your idevice will Respring with akina cydia working