Jaguar Arrested


The boy is an idiot.

They don’t make them any dumber…

He should be lectured on how to release public statement as an MP.

gikomba si gikomba bila wachagaa…na pia massage za nairobiwest na south b huuza sana zikiwa na warwanda na waganda


reckless bustard.

hehe en route to Juba

Kenyan first, Kwanza WA tz warudi kwao

Hii ni Kenya wadau. Unfortunately, this will only raise his profile on the national stage.

Siasa ya Kenya iko na utoto mwingi na watoto wamejaa huko Bunge…” Munya

Xenophobic nonsense will not be tolerated. What about all the Kenyans hustling all over East and Central Africa?

Uhuru alisema our borders are open to all Africans…Chinese wanaingilia VIP entrance…Huyu kijana awache kutishia state guests.

How now? Some of us have family members hustling abroad. Unataka wafukuzwe huko waende wapi? Some of you need to attend international relations classes to understand a bit of international economics.

Other East Africans are welcome but macho ndogo watokomee mbali.

Careless MP.

Many Kenyans hunukisha kitunguu in our neighboring countries bila kusumbuliwa.

He is stirring a hornets nest.


You have a low esteem issue my friend

Don’t waste your time talking to that mungiki @Motokubwa . Hananga akili yule.

Kwani hawana kwao…Jaguar talked of TZ and UG…I think he should have just mentioned TZ because they too treat Kenyans the same way.The rest of the people can continue with their lives wherever they are