Jadhe Shenanigans: Village Hero Or Idiot?

Man raises the bar of polygamy in Kenya by building identical houses for his two wives.

“Work in progress, slowly taking shape,” he captioned the photos.

  • Hez Jakamollo warmed netizens after building his two wives beautiful houses identical to each other
  • The bungalows have a similar design from the roof to the windows, exterior walls and porches
  • Kenyans lauded him for raising the bar of polygamy a notch higher

The man identified as Hez Jakamollo shared photos of the two houses which are nearing completion and Kenyans were wowed at how they were both alike and in close proximity to each other. In the pictures that he shared on social media, the bungalows which are just a few metres away from each other have a similar design, from the roofs to the windows, exterior walls and porches.

Here are some of the comments:

[I]Nancy Anyango Bensouda said: “You can “dine” in both in one night, Multiparty, lich! Congratulations DG”.

George Guda wrote: “I am so much inspired. I think am joining the bold. Some good work jagot!”

Nick Odhiambo said: “You need to build an underground private tunnel. Very impressive congrats!”

Ndede Elizaphan “This is good. Now, add another wife”.

Tina Tish Aisha Phillips wrote: “I like the proximity of the first to the second. Very tactical. Congratulations!” [/I]

Huyo jamaa vile amefungua mdomo kama mbuta lazima ni fala. Hao mabibi mmoja lazima atombewe Kwa hio nyumba ama gari. Sadness of today’s hoes. Hakuna mtu anaeza Sema ako na faithful loyal wife. That’s long gone. Round hii ni kutomba tu mbila attachments

Raha ajipe mwenyewe. Pesa ni zake, afanye nazo vile anataka.

angejenga in different areas eg moja hapa kayole ingine tassia

Kwa raha zake

Nyumba nzuri


…things men do to please ungreatful, conniving, complicated desirable creatures :D:D:D
At the end of the day… The creatures care very little about men but themselves. But we all know the men from the lake region. MAZUZU.
Before I even think about building houses for my women… I will buy myself tickets to watch top EPL, LA Liga teams play, watch world cup and champions league… Live kutoka stadium…nitoke hapo nifike carrebian huko Kuna beautiful ngeos… Niokote kadha…mimi huyo hadi kwa king mswati… Nimsho Nadai MA virgin kadha…nitafune vizuri… Kutoka hapo nifike Eritrea… Egypt, Ethiopia kwote Niokote kadha Alafu bas sa nifike huku kwetu kwa hizi kienyeji zetu…nikipambananga na Hali yangu.

He deserves to be beaten with a @Blunt Object

This is the kind of nonsense that fuels corruption.

Sooner or later, the two wives (households) will start fighting each other.

If that’s not the case, the two wives will soon conspire against the man.

One woman will want it all and thinds will spiral downward real fast for the other woman + the orangutan:D

Ungemtafuta kabla ajenge umpee hiyo advice

Hivo ndo kunaendaga. The fellow will soon learn the hard way.

Now get your popcorn and watch the fabled crack swallow up hiyo mali yote hata VX. Idiot this jaduong but what’s with these lakeside bros na simping ati wao ni ‘romantic’. Pantambua mwanaume hajeface kisu 5am asubuhi

he needs to take lesson101 on human behavior, he doesn’t know he is setting a stage for fights and early death. when you think you understand someone you actually know almost nothing about him or her, actually we do not understand ourselves well till we experience something and find out how we react. mimi siwezi penda hata bibi yangu akaribie mamangu

That’s impressive. I hope ni dala.

upitie Pataya ukule Tranny moja pia

Circumcise your brain first before you attempt to tambua mwanaume hajaface kisu 5am asubui ghassiah.Jaluos rule the planet.Deal with it.

Bakhressa wa mombasa alijengea mabibi same houses back in the eighties na hakusumbua