Jackson Njeru of Dead Beat just exposed himself

Quoting Robert Alai:

Two influential media people got mentioned on Dead Beat Kenya and now you see my friend Jackson Njeru getting all the media attention like he has never wanted. He has been everywhere in 24 hours.

Have you heard of the calling kut kut kut kut…? They smoked him out with the FREE PUBLICITY. Wait and see.

They are using the publicity to put a face to Dead Beat Kenya. Meaning that if someone sue them now for defamation, there is someone who will take the hammer on behalf of the group. If someone needs to be beaten senseless or assassinated so that someone doesn’t get to own up for his or her dead beat culture, jackson will be the guy to nail.

Sometimes when you are fighting a battle which has never been won by generations, it is good to act “ki sniper.” See how Snowden and Assange ended up. Cornered, starved and with no nationality.

Let me tell you one thing, Starting from the president coming down, many have wild oats. You need to have a peak into my inbox and see the spouses of ministers, MPs, DP, and even top CEOs claiming what they say is denied to them. SUPPORT.

From the CEO of Kenya to the poor villager, this is a common problem. I know of a senior politician whose clande wanted to jump from a balcony in South B. It is a crazy world. You remember that the only time a first lady almost ran naked to address an emergency media conference in Kenya was when a clande claimed her stake? Lucy Kibaki got to address Kenya and set the record straight without a BRA. Haki!!! She was MAD!!!

Act smart. Know how to use the “free publicity” to your advantage. I have been on this train for very long. I have been stabbed, sued, hit with bars, spit at and others. Be very smart.

hihi nice…so how does this help me as a mother??