Nothing entertains me better than good music. There’s a band that plays at Arttecafe at the junction mall every Thursday evening. Plays some good jaaazz. Mostly renditions of popular music. They’re really good based on my opinion.
If you enjoy that kind of entertainment, suggest other places with good jazzy live music.


Not a fan, but I started to kinda like it because of Seth Macfarlane… And that rendition of feeling good by Michael Buble…

There should be one at Braeburn School by Nairobi orchestra think this weekend

They have an event on 18th Nov, if Nasarites won’t be burning the nation I’ll be sure to attend. I love orchestra music. I hope they’ll be playing Schubert’s Ave Maria, one of my favorites.

You should drop by this location once, they lady who does the vocals is excellent, and there’s a guy who plays the lead instrument either the electronic guistar or the saxophone, really good as well,

Very good classical music. I like it.

Ahmad Jamal. His jazz is good…

I definitely will