Izi smart phone software zinanichanganya

Kuuliza sio ujinga,

I have a Samsung phone and l want to download ile software mtu akinicall l can know which location he/she is calling from…nitadownload software gani jameni??? Ni me download zingine za India hazileti shangwa kapsaaa


Luther, Trucaller ndo the most fake bure kabisa! Kwanza inakuletea jina baada ya kuongea na mtu.

Following. …

We ndio fake!! Ati location? LOL!

There is no app that can show someone else location unless authorised by phone owner… Or you install the app on someone phone behind his or her back… If you get an app authour claiming it can do so… Just know its fake! Location is very sensitive info and no mobile phone operator can share it unless its for criminal purposes in which its given to law enforcement agencies… Or via a court order.

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are those your real legs?if yes 'boner alert ’

Truecaller will just give you the “name” (notice the quotes - coz it compiles a global database based on other subscribers’ phone records). If you want to get the location, you must install specific software on the device - covertly or overtly.




Kuna ingine Facebook introduced. Try that too

tht app used to exist once upon on blackberry platform even on android google maps there used to be an option to link up google acc bt siku izi I don’t think its possible

for nione registerd persons

you can even change your name on truecaller thus not reliable