iwe huru

War on Drugs; The fight against drug trafficking in Machakos County has yielded positive results as a farm in Masinga Area was raided, leading to the recovery of 100 bhang plants and one arrest. The public’s tip-off played a significant role in facilitating the operation. Additionally, two suspected drug dealers were recently apprehended in Yathui Area, and 336 bhang plants weighing 20kgs were confiscated. The government urges citizens to support their efforts in curbing the illegal drug trade by reporting any suspicious activities to the relevant authorities for prompt action.


snitches need stitches…

Govt wants no good for the people. Ganja should be used to uplift the society.

Willing buyer, willing seller. Lakini hawa wa kuiba from citizens wako free

They should use this resources on hard drugs

Ndio wamalizwe kama Chemworei?

Kambas will never be my farm hands. Wana enzi udaku mno.

Why is it always discovered when ready for the market? Could it just be a ploy for transport logistics? Police Express Couriers :cool::cool::cool:

True. Wanaacha upande, upalilie then wavune

Shida kukosa kuwachia chief pesa yake

venye @Eng’iti atasema

It’s a pity someone poor being jailed for a long time for such.