Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump appears to be trying to get involved in a talk among Macron, May, Trudeau and Lagarde (IMF head). The video is released by French Presidential palace.

She’s so deeply stupid that she doesn’t have the vaguest idea just exactly how far out of her depth she really is.

he he he

MAMA sis najua pekee ni huyo kwa AVATAR yako, iyo ingine ni ile dolly ya Barbie SIZE=3[/SIZE] huvaa pink

Rex Tillerson confessed the other day that during his tenure as Sec of State, some foreign policies zilikua zinapitia Ivanka na Mzee and he wasn’t aware. This one is no different that M7 training his son to take over after him or that of the Southern Sudanese Chief of Defence who has made his 22yr old son a brigadier general in his forces. Na kuna watu wanaangalia tu. Shitholes![ATTACH=full]245892[/ATTACH]

You are joking, right? RIGHT?

Huyu anawezai ni chapa kweli?

Ile tunajua sisi ni nne tena, wenye wivu wakunie. Na 2024 Ivanka akitaka ni vivyo hivyo.

Wengine wanajua kuongea mingi, na daughters zao ni mapoko pale UoN.

You should only throw stones in this scenario if your daughter is doing better in life than Ivanka.

At least Trump takes care of his kids and steers them into viable careers… wengine wenyu papa hapa walimwaga mbegu na wakaruka story.

Na leo hii uko hapa unaitana Barbie na kizungu yako yote. Na daughter yako amekuwa akikutafuta tangu 2002…

I would like to raw dog Ivanka. She is an air head.

Ati 22yr old general? Africa is a shit hole kweli. Alafu is he one of the sons wa yule Kush mnono?

She is like an unwanted penis trying to insert itself where it is not wanted


Wacha hii dame ajaribu siasa… either she will wisen up or not but atleast she has the chance to try ata kama its thanks to dear-old-dad.

In any case, even if she doesnt succeed and retreats to business that she has been doing, she is still a very wealthy woman. So dispite these minor setbacks, she is still set for life.

Ako sawa, atleast she tried joining in the conversation and got ignored, which is not her fault than just stayed at a secluded corner