Itumbi to Lenaola: I won't apologise

Wacha circus iendelee…

Attach document musuri bwana

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[ATTACH=full]128079[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]128080[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]128081[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]128082[/ATTACH]

@pamba there you go!

Thanks for the lesson!

Nilisema Lenaola aliamua kujipaka matope

Itumbili is a petty attention-seeking mongoloid. I expected him to come out guns blazing with evidence like his minions here were shouting.

Learn to read waitherero

The moment he drove safaricom into this is when his goose was cooked. How can you ask how your call records were accessed and indirectly incriminating yourself because you are not denying that those calls are not even real in the first place. For a supreme court judge, he is very stupid.

Exactly.he dint know he set himself up.

This wakora judge will regret it but I’m happy he thinks he can’t be made to account for his ukora. In court and tribunal all evidence will be produced ndio atajua ajui.


Evidens ni ya kortini. Wacha wakutane huko

Furaha yenu ni kukaranga kila mtu mwenye anawapinga umeshau uongozi hauta dumu milele

Ai…umesahau Baba ndio producer wa kukaranga watu. He even says individual names in public. What happens if those guys are killed by a sycophant? I’m sure those are his intention. I recall the remarks he made to IEBC to pack and run. Naye uongozi hatowai uona.


What you don’t want is opposition, you don’t want someone to disagree with you …you want an Eutopia where jubilee reigns in a totalitarian modus operandi…

Let me remind you, hitler, stalin, duces 2 , kim jong un and other despots rule in a way that they suppress any form opposition…if you want to arrest anyone who abuses uhuru then you will have a long day…

Itumbi alisumbua ICC huyu mkora wa korti anadhani ataezana

Raila was on the right track until he became a propaganda machine. It becomes tough to discern truth from his lies. A democratic country needs a strong, credible opposition. That last adjective is one that is hard to use in same sentence as Babuon.

You mean these villagers arrest people?