Itumbi, Itumbi??

Huyu hajui Sonko, Sonko will say he was never approached by anyone to testify against anyone. It is about to get messy.

Another flip of the coin is that zonko is trying to repay the debts Matiang’i owes him, the several arrests esp in Voi.

ghassia leta full story

Dennis Itumbi Sues CS Matiang’i Over Ksh1.5 Billion Ruaraka Land Saga, Claims Sonko Will Testify.

That’s the brief, long enough to be presentable, short enough to be desired, just like a woman’s skirt.

Sonko is desperate i think. So he might go for it.

you really expect sonko to go to court? hii ni just playing with the masses.

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boss marangapi mtaambiwa these folks never hold any grudges? 2011-2012 ruto was moving from one court to another, but after being elected, everything was swept under, those behind his woes are still laughing with him.

Dealing with Sonko is like dealing with a mad man