It's time to change the education system

A lot has been said this week about our education system. More info more school school having unrests which ha been blamed on the mocks exams. In my opinion I think it’s time we changed our education culture. This trend of believing that students can excel only if they go for tuition studies must stop. Waalimu wafanye kazi yao. That’s what they’re paid to do. Why should we stress our kids ati they are studying kila wakati?
Another solution is changing how qualifications are decided upon. Why should one stay for eight years only to get a certificate? Mtu anastahili asome up to std 4 apewe certificate. Akifika std 8 apewe diploma. This will go a long way in boosting morale ya pupils. By the the anamaliza secondary ako na degree! That way migomo bila sababu itaisha

Hiyo degree ya form four atapata nayo kazi wapi? Outside school the world is brutal. Only those who work hard succced n not those wanaobembelezwa na vitu eg kuwapa Diploma class 4

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This situation is way more complicated than it seems.

On the one hand, our education system does need an overhaul. On the other hand however, I’m not too sure that the other education systems (I guess American and British) are the solution.

Our education system churns out people who can recite information without really understanding what they learnt while the more advanced systems churn out individuals who know nothing about real life and everything about virtual living.

We need something in-between.


that, is the real problem. we are still “educating” our children for employment…


I think we should start by Doing away with hii maneno ya Positions as in “number 1,2, mpaka ati mtoto wa wenyewe ako number Last kwa class”
It is the most humiliating thing a Child should have to endure while growing up and it is enough to destroy their confidence from a very early age when they are fragile and susceptible to all sorts of issues both at school and at home including bullying etc.
I love my kids education system because they are not exposed to the "positioning" thing and their abilities are measured by Merits which means that they do not realise at a tender age who is more "clever" than who,. All they know is that they are e.g reading books from a different level than their "cleverer" friend and so they dont feel any less,they feel more determined to get to the next level as their friend. The End of Term report only talks about their own perfomance and Grades and does not compare their perfomance against their fellow pupils.
I blame the Kenyan education system for undermining my confidence at an early age and i believe that given the right support i had the academic potential to be a Doctor or something Lakini juu ya kushinda nikiwekwa ati Number second last kila term i am now a Truck Driver.(not that there is anything wrong with driving a truck - somebody has to do it!..heheheheheheeee)


Okay lemme rephrase. Hiyo diploma ya class 4 how will it help him/her create an employment opportunity for themselves

Specialization. Key word
by class 4 mwalimu anajua talents za mjunior.
akiingia class 5 wacha hio talent ikue developed while still learning the other things but they wont be tested.
And then, our kids hawana goals, tumealea vizuri sana na imekua they cant do anything for themselves, they are robots lazima umuambie peleka hio sahani jikoni. Sisi wazazi ndio tumekosa, how come a class 5 pupil hajui kupika chai?
Its because you have never let him/her


All nations do the same. Children are educated for employment which is driving the president’s manifesto.

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Hii mambo ya kuita mtoi dad or mum ipigwe marufuku.
a 16 yr old is still being called mum
come on guys.
Ata fisi akimuoa coz of body hio marriage haiezi last. This girl knows nothing.
@Nefertities at what age did yu know how to make ugali?


A hands-on approach is what our education system should apply in pedagogy. The routine of swallowing theories and laws without applying them is ineffectual. Don’t you see kids are being turned into storage drives? If the focus is on exams, when will kids ever do anything to better themselves, create employment and provide much needed services to the nation?

My buddy has taught in several schools, currently in Nairobi Jaffery. That what you have said is exactly what they do there. He has done research and analyzed the education system in Kenya and its only money that will save you. Bottom line: We have a slim budget and we can barely sustain that quality of education.



I agree with you here. We need to build confidence of our children from a tender age. Comparing him/her with others make him/her lack confidence which is very important for success in life. I believe it’s not that being number one in class that makes one succeed in life. What matters is whether one believes in him/her self

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Hao ‘mums’ ndio hushinda Facebook lakini hawana life skills.

our education system is the story of everybody, nobody and somebody. everybody knows what is wrong, think somebody will do something about it but nobody is doing anything…then we “moderate” our exams so that there is no mass failure and end up dumbing down the entire system. Result: University graduates who cannot name the continents…in a global village.


The education system can never be corrected unless by a revolution. Its serves the purpose of the hegemony. It is not a thing unique to Kenya. Even the west has the same problem, only on a different scale. If you are educated to be innovative and creative, how will you be controlled?


Good morning viewers

Specialisation in class 4?in class 4 i wanted to become a doctor. By the time i was joining form one the tech bug hit n i forgot about the medicine dream. Its still there to date. Class 4 is a very tender age to know about a child’s dreams.

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Halafu when parents fail in their responsibilities, how is that related to the education system failure?

So like in campus if one fails to attend classes or the lab sessions. Then during exams they take the notes and read them cramming then pass the exams. You still want to blame the education system because one failed to attend classes?

How is this related to the education system?