its that favourite day of the week again.....

Hello talkers if you dont hear from me till monday saa tano just know what was up …[ATTACH=full]8081[/ATTACH]


I think this Jameson is some cheap shit.

Im yet to see an alcohol that will leave you bank balance fat

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Never repeat that whenever Tabitha is around, it’s what has made her amongst the richest businesswomen in the region.


Cheap yet where i am its 6K one litre?o_Oo_O


happy days but be on the look out

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Lucky for me i buy in a priviledged shop

Dont hate the playa hate the game

Who knows where Soiree Garden is?

mliona johnie walker fake zili-crushiwa na roller…?

Kindaruma Road.

Use Ngong road, after iHub (Bishop Magua) kuna njia imeingia ndani (George Padmore lane), then utafika Kindaruma Road. A few meters down is Soiree gardens.

Thanks, will try to find my way around.


I hope you are not paying rent.