It's Simply Conceding Defeat

by going to the supreme court, baba is conceeding defeat. his ego cannot allow him to openly concede. therefore, he has gone to court knowing very well that he cannot win the petition. he will blame the court for throwing out the petition and retire, although there will be skirmishes after the announcement of the decision, which will be contained by the police.

politics wachia wanaume.

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Lazima threshold ifikishwe

Eti amebeba machungwa miaka kumi na tano na hakuna faida ameona? Na mwingine akabeba githeri dakika kumi na tano na akakua famous? Sio ma Samsung S8, sio buroti, sio holiday packages, sio suti mpya :D:D
C’est la vie, I guess.



she only needed to drop the orange necklace…

GDM -Githeri democratic mvt and not ODM