Its Official: Arabs have a gene and divine favour that protects against severe Covid-19

While Africans have been singing a song about their immunity strength regarding Covid, the true hero and marvel race’ story is lost

The Arabs

This is the race that has single handedly fueled the world economies, single handedly defined elegance and grace

It’s worth noting that this race has not had significant mortalities from Covid …this has been attributed to not one gene …but a whole thread of genes that, inter alia, enabled them to live and prosper in harsh desert climates…

also, God

Looking at the african brag, it hinges it’s covid survival to just one thing: not leaving Africa.

Africa is essentially a forest, backward, sub-living conditions.

I don’t know how and why anyone can find anything braggable in adapting to live in a forest, …

Yet you ain’t an animal


.Somalis share the same genotype with subsaharan Africans

Says a B and below student at KCSE

Actually I am sure I beat you.

Which year? That’s where the story starts

You usually refer to 1994? I did kcse before you. I was in top 3 in me class and my school was ranked 2nd nationally. So statistically speaking, chances beat you? Through the roof.

1994 A na Una wank juu ulishindwa kutongoza msichana.

I like your utopic stance

Utanipa coondu nono poa nyeusi?

Foolish maragoli ongea na @T.Vercetti yeye ndio hupeana mkia. Lakini hio matako yake ni maji maji ni kama kuvaa gumboat na maji. Hulia kochokocho.[ATTACH=full]342138[/ATTACH]

You really gotta be a special type of retard to hail a foreign race while you as an individual have done zilch.


Sawa. Deny, repress, intelectualize all you want.

Is it Arabs, Somalis, or Pakistanis who marry their first cousins?

I saw a documentary on BBC saying that the immigrant population from these segments have a higher likelihood of giving birth to children with congenital birth defects that far outstrips that of whites despite being less than 5% of the UK population.

Even hyenas, of all animals, take precautions against inbreeding by having male offsprings move to another different group away from the mother and the sisters when they reach adulthood.

If hyenas are cultured enough to adopt such sophisticated mating strategies, why can’t Arabs leave their close relatives alone? :oops::oops::oops:

So umetuita hyenas…

You filthy product of inbreeding infidels

Ngoja kwanza huyu aniambie ka ametuita hyena

I have done so much…

On mating and breeding strategies, hyenas take the day over inbreeding Arabs and Pakistanis.