It's not a laughing matter...Graduates zinakimbilia wax meant for Form 4 leavers pale Tuskys

You mean it’s that serious. Tuskys juzi wame advertise wanataka pple who can work as Cashiers, Shopping attendants, packing and loading goods,yaaani job that requires minimum qualification. They expected guys who are aged btwn 24-29yrs to apply for the job but they got pple who were in their 40s, 30s and are graduates.

Vuja de, shikilia hapo kwa mhindi walai hata kama yeye ukutukana hivi–> "veve Mutiso jinga kwanini kushachelewa leo…veve nafikiri hii duka ni ya mama yako!! " vumulia mseh nikubaya out there

Manze cheki mbuyu kama huyu jo…ame tarmac for how long manze? Cheki ana nywele za white. Imagine unaenda pale Tuskys alafu kidogo kidogo unaona mseh kama huyu amekuvalia kabuti ya Tuskys anaskumana na ma cartons ama ana pack vitu umenunua kwa shopping bag…sad



A man’s gat to do what he’s gat to do to put food on the table.
Job seekers to job opportunities ratio will never be the same nor fair.

Huu ndio maana wa msemo ‘akili nyingi huondoa maarifa’ there are some people who are wired completely to be employed no matter what…

saa unacheka nn?

But in Kenya hii unemployment iko high banae…alafu bado mna elect corrupt politicians and when these politicians are vendicted u are the same pple who escort him/her to court ati ameonewa

Kenya lazma mtu akuwe na God father

Na lazima UANDIKWE kazi?? This is a poor mentality… mbona usifungue even if it is a roadside mkahawa uandike watu kazi? Hii ndio ujinga inafanya unaona mzee mzima anashinda estate the whole day Ati hana kazi na ako na degree kadhaa… Come on, get your ass up and do something. Nature will do the rest

The tragedy of the 8-4-4 system. Why can these people start their own business ata kama ni agriculture?

ukiangalia Uni za Kenya, most pple choose courses that will guarantee them a job after graduation…ni ngumu kupata mtu anafanya course that cn give him/her skills to start a private biz

Exactly…pewa soda

Jirani,tupashe za wajeru hizi locals news ni zetu buda boss.

Kalisha kende hapo Kampala mdogo mdogo. Their is a reason this site was named kenyatalk. We talk of happenings in Kenya meffi

what about capital to start those small biz mnasemanga?

Haha. Meffi

kuna kitu inaiwa uwezo fund not sure how it works tho

8 minus 4 minus 4=0 zero, ni hayo tu

Ferk that capital excuse if you sell your smartphone, you will have enough funds to start a corn selling business by the road and jioni ukilala hutakosa soo inne ama tano. If you save your money well, you will have enough capital to start your fancy business. But your problem is that you sit there, eating your parents food, growing beard and a kitambi in your folks house waiting for a million Bob to drop from the sky so that you can build your empire. Chances are that if you are given the million you want, the biz would fail… . Come on, get out of your comfort zone, hakuna pesa tamu kama jasho yako. It’s really fulfilling

Kende langu limetulia kama lako pia.
Na wache matusi buda.

factors of production,accessing is not that easy for many,how many not connected politically have applied for those uwezos etc and have been successful ?

The problem especially in university is that even the lecturer teaching you had zero experience in what he’s teaching. For example a financial accounting lecturer teaching you and he’s never been an accountant anywhere not even an a/c clerk. The much he can do is dictate the notes he copied from his lecturer’s notes. Such a person cannot give you perspective of anything because he only has academic knowledge. I saw at masinde muliro guys complete their 4th year na first class ya mwakenya wanaenroll masters then COD anawapatia class ya first years kufunza. Huyo mtu anatumia notes, examples and everything from his previous lecturer; ata hawezi fanya hesabu complex yenye haifanani na examples alifunzwa.

That’s why a certain girl who had completed Bcom with 2nd upper couldn’t answer what a budget is or bank reconciliation to a high school Board for a job as an a/c clerk.

Most of the people graduating have minimal knowledge about their course. They can’t even write a CV, wanaenda kwa cyber. That’s why they’d prefer kazi ya mkono.

My dad taught us about working for cash after i cleared class 8.used to work evenings at his biz nikisave za kufanya ile ujinga teens hufanya at that age instead of being given the cash.When i joined high school,i continued during my holidays.most of my pocket money was earned.Same case nikiwa the time i cleared colle i had roughly 100k saved from my part time hustles that i started during my 2nd year.i used that plus a boost my dad gave me to start a small biz.i have since moved on from that small biz to what i am today.never had the thought of being employed after colle in my mind.I have been my own boss from the start.its all in one’s mind frame

@Riva ulikuwa huko MMUST