It's never late for Kibaki to have another term: what he did with 32blns was a miracle....Today 21 blns cannot build a small village dam

Kibaki liberalized communication, we all got connected, we got internet, we got mobile money which unlocked millions of other businesses, He made millions of us who didn’t have bank accounts get bank accounts, he managed interest rates without making laws, by taming local borrowing, he gave us unsecured loans by force and bank managers came next to customer service officers at the main entrance and not next to the vault and we realised they are mere mortals!

He built the thika super highway for 32b, need I say more, he didn’t need a constitution to do that neither did he need to spend 20 billion on BBI or punguza mzigo noises to deliver… he basically worked, worked, as people made noise he worked more!

Kibaki was great, this kamwana is a learned chokosh whose main agenda is to laugh hysterically

2022 , term ya ruto matalia

How? Why?

ruto stole and then oversaw his side of govt loot our country dry as Vice president…na akiwa plesdent .



I am not a ruto supporter but we need to share the blame equally between mlevi na mwizi.

Mimi 2022 sitombeki mtu wangu

Use the stuff between your ears…Shafting would be a notch higher , dry and lubless with rough rider

I agree with you but pls note the man lost his senility. He is lucky to have survived Moi’s mistreatment like the one he dished Ken Matiba et al. That man Moi is heading straight to hell. Strange how our PORK goes to Moi for advice and not Mbaks.

Mbaks is a real economist with a vision and engineered the transport networks we are enjoying today. We will always remember him for that.

Senility or not…he is 100 x better than a combination of a thief & a drunkard pretender

By the way Shosh I missed you

jazz man niaje?

Mshameza hook na sinker za Cambridge Analytica.

Poa sana…wapi bro yako mkubwa @Wanaruona ?

We mtu wa ArapLootWilliam…what are you blubbering about?

The biggest mistake we made was giving power to 2 shitty guys …

  1. an alcoholic who is only interested in building his family businesses at any cost including selling the nation
  2. a shameless thug trying to gather as much land and hard cash regardless of any guilt

Its not easy to fight corruption in a country where the 2 most powerful people are the biggest thieves

What exactly d’you mean by ‘our budget’…is it what goes into buying carpets & towels for your projects?..f-ucker :meffi::meffi::meffi:

Wooi apana he did what he had to do. Laid the foundation and the rest followed. Credit to him the maendeleo we see does not really belong to Jubilee. It was his brainwork but he is not with ‘it’ now. You also know those 24 yrs of Moi rule? total plunder of our coffers, mismanagement, ujinga, unsolved high profile murders directly pointing towards his family, total mayhem and this I guess might work against WSR. That association. We in Cendro missed the fecti that Uhuru is closer to Moi than Mbaks.

Nilikumiss pia mimi…where had you gone or what handle were you using :smiley:

can 2 billion towels sink our economy? 10 billion enye mnasema Ruto amekula ni pesa kidogo ata haiwezi sustain county miaka mbili. what Kenyatta family has done will take 100 years to be undone.

I only use my official handle: I missed you much…I was held up in a project in Heidelberg, German

Stop being a f-ucker…I can smell the mud of kimwarer in your handle