Thats normal fluctuation. 40 cents

lets confirm by monday next week

Nomare, free fall bila parachute

Nuksi sana.

$$$ account iko sawa

Bado account yangu ina read 103.87

Sasa nikugonja economy crush tununue nyumba kama njugu… ama kenya hakuna housing crisis

It has been cumming for that 10 years, tumengoja ihit rock bottom lakini wapi, hapa ni bei ya mafuta tu itapanda sending all other basic commodities through the roof. Uhuruto should have mitigated the effect by immediately appointing a Finance Cs.

Equity Bank buying the USD at 100.80 selling at 106.90
Anyways assets such as real estate’s, value itapanda au itashuka? Just idle curiosity here

It might not collapse since people buy real estate in cash na sio mortgage

Msifanye I convert my money into USD and TZSH.

This is insane, 104.1 ni mob sana

Wacheni siasa nani[ATTACH=full]249888[/ATTACH]

Just thank your lucky stars it is not an electioneering year. In 2011 it was at 106. I am not worried juu most of this pressure on the KSH is because of demonitization as it was expected. People are putting too much importance to the arrest of the finance minister.

umechelewa…ilibidi nifungue dollar account fasta fasta

it’s much more than that…the shilling has been punching above its weight for a while now

I also agree with people who say it’s a normal thing and a normal situation totally and completely. No matter what it takes from them anyway. You can put some of your saving on the bank deposit for that matter. Sounds good or not anyway ?

No need to worry