Its in Kenya's interest Pres.Uhuru is sworn in.

We all Respect Hon. Raila Odinga for his role in helping oust KANU.
But Kenyans should know times have changed, and, that was a different Raila.We are now dealing with a different Raila. Raila wants us to go down the drain with him .

President Uhuru should shed off his advisors and deal with Hon. Raila once and for all.
Give IEBC funds on time, Help it conduct an election whether Raila takes part in it or Not in the specified timeline.
Some western countries and local cartels have found a window that they can exploit to effect a kind of regime change, or, a coalition govt of sorts.

As a patriot, I encourage our military to have a stand, ensure nothing like a caretaker govt sees the light of the day. We should remember, KDF is at war in Somalia, should have a CiC at all times. Pres.Uhuru should NOT let any sort of power vacuum happen.

Our NIS, should infiltrate the judiciary , the opposition, dismantle cartels advising or holding them hostage.
NIS should be RUTHLESS, should make sure IEBC meets deadlines,help in logistics , etc etc
It should tame the media too, set the agenda and help Kenyans get over the election mood and back to work.
NIS should HELP Pres. Uhuru retain his seat and save Kenya.
Anyway, good day Wakubwa.


so in short you are calling for rigging/ election fraud and assassination of a leader?

Good day too

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The theory of create problems only you looks likely to solve" is very effective. It’s like begging your employees to do their work.

Raila should be dealt with politically, he should be paid his pension and we should all pray for him to have a long life to see Pres. Uhuru and Pres. Ruto finish their terms respectively.
NIS should just do its work, Raila lost on 8th ,Uhuru will beat him again .

Dealing with Raila needs a lot of tact. You need to finish him in such a way he has no options left. Especially now that he is very dangerous since it is his last bullet. He will do anything, literally anything to get a taste of power. He won’t go down without a serious fight.

We have established that Raila is playing dirty. But let’s wait for the ruling so that tuone the next best step

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Tell Maraga to ban both from vying…they are both holding the country at ransom.

You are suggesting we return to the 1980s when Moi used the “special branch” now NIS to achieve political objectives…Okay. Seems you don’t understand that things have changed.

Uhuru is dealing with a seasoned politician in the name of RAO. When Uk was smoking pot in the US, Raila was meeting with soldiers to orchestrate a coup. When Uhuru was balancing the accounts books of brook-side, RAO was in the streets agitating for democracy.
Raila is ready to take this to the end. Winter is coming

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THANK God you’re not in leadership because the advice you have given is shallow and pedantic.

Hii msenge sasa imesema nini??

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Shut the fuck up bitch. Who are you to give your mediocre unasked for advice?

And to think there are many like him in this forum? :(:(:frowning:

It is in Kenya’s interest that Uhuru and Ruto are charged in court for overseeing a corrupt government.

Hapo umekosea baba. NIS should not be partisan. they should not be helping anyone retain their seat.

If all corrupt politicians are to be charged, it is new commers like John Paul mwirigi who would be running this country.

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The biggest threat to this country are the hate mongering and corrupt leaders in both NASA and Jubilee. If this country was heading in the right direction then most of Jubilee and the NASA leaders would be in politics.

Its in your interest not [SIZE=6]Kenyans[/SIZE]

So be it.