It's hilarious how women double down on thirst traps when they approach or hit the wall


Hio forehead hapana


Kitu safi… For combo hits and escape and evasion into Mau

Huyu si ni singo matha?

She is very promising at passport size. Below there and without the accent, it is diminishing returns.

Kama hajazaa she can gerrit. But if she has been inside a maternity ward tunaachia @ChifuMbitika roho safi

Singo hasimamishi?

The most ‘chaste’ women are those btn 26yr to 34yrs(Diana wa Bahati). Those women wanataka kuoleka mbaya sana so they put on a fake front of a chaste, good natured marriageable candidate even if they’ve been around the block for a long time. Chungana sana na hao.Kama haumjui personally stay far.

26 bado ni mtoto. Na alikuwa around the block with who?

Matiti zinakuwa zimebeat

Macho zinakaa ya mtu ako on arv diet.

Hapo 29 kwanza ndio wanakuwa makeup experts :smiley:

There is hope if she is childless.

Almost all women are single mothers. U got to adapt

enyewe menopause si ugonjwa ya meno

Boniface Mwangi is a big fan.





Single mother from Mombasa