It's been a lifetime

Nimelog in after a while na notifications mingi ni za “so and so mentioned you”. Nikiclick ni “M2Random we know your handwriting”, “M2Random is that you” and other short stories. Wacheni niwaambie, Kenyatalk is forever so at some point kila talker , isipokuwa kale kashosho ka randan nakuwanga nimeblock, atakuwa ameitwa M2Random at one point. Get in line

Now u want a prize, huh? U just discovered geometry or something?

Hii handwriting si ya the real muturandom wapi hekaya za bar lightskin

You can lie all you like. You own several handles. You just retired one after realising you could not compete with a certain KTALK ‘birrionaire’.
Now spin your yarns about cars, properties (deeem hizi zinakuuma sana) and of course single mamas inc the 2 you created in peace without seeing me in your shadow.

Rubbish :D:D Ulianza kunifollow ukiwa na matuta. Nikikohoa unaitika New Villager.


@M2Random brown skin kujia pilsner baridi Jam Rescue. Na usisahau lube.

Fungua @Voltron and @Quanstrom upate mentions zingine


Don’t be speaking the truth all the time. But he is on telegram terrorizing some peasants

Light skin problems

Karibu @Azor Ahai

You can hide lakini mkia bado inaonekana

hahaha own goal manenos

Hihihihi he has dropped the new handle, the red head one azur or something to that effect…:D:D:D:DI can only imagine the ‘wisdom’ being dished free of charge, huko…on women and wealth acquisition kikiki

Embere eye yaa :smiley:

Kweli. Every jungle has its chameleons. Na hii ktalk jungle, mtuRandom is the chameleon.

Btw hows the weather in England? I understand kuna heatwave uko…

The last 2 days were hot but Yes there is a heatwave today! went to hung my washing outside a while ago. All I could see were skimpily dressed women, topless men in shorts…seems everyone was heading to a bbq somewhere or to the beach…with mapombe and mashakura wakijaza boot.
Nimekwama kwa nyumba…nimeshika duster na mop and have done nada to show…so gaddamn hot.

Huko kuna mosquito?

Niaje Osas? :D:D:

Hakuna. But why do you ask if I may ask?

??? Really. Anyway, you guys have fun.