Its bad

Been enjoying watching my favorite tv short episodes called MAGA on steroids. Then I received an email from my fellow director in charge of Research and patent policies .

Shock on me,a staff in my lab has been fired! Reason: " He posted a picture with the MAGA fools inside Congress ." Next thing he will be on no fly list." Already his name has been forwarded to NRI to revoke his practicing license.

My thoughts: they should convert all immigration detention jails into cells to accommodate these MAGA idiots. In fact I saw a Kenyan on Facebook.


Idiot bwoy. Now he will pay for the rest of stay in the US.

@MBOMB your facts are here

Orangutan atupwe guantanamo bay akuwe janitor huko, meffi yeye:D

Kwani Alikua top wako?

Ladies and Gentlemen behold…

even within family members



Whom will they be hanging or is it for their own use?[ATTACH=full]343571[/ATTACH]

You can’t beat the NWO. - Pence Biden handshake.
Some coin ritual!
Live on Cspan

Bottoms can a Kenyan born in the US by Kenyan parent immigrants be deported even if he has citizenship by birth? I ask because recently 2 young lads were deported from the UK despite ‘having citizenship’ by birth via their parents…one to Kenya and one to Nigeria.
Some Acts are added into the law stealthily. You will not know until you are facing the music.
Fancy arriving in NBO as a young rebellious teen and calling your long lost relatives…ebu I will find the links…

One needs to be v careful and mindful of the law wherever you reside.

Meanwhile Champagne pops as I listen to Trump conceding right now…the twat has shamelessly thrown his supporters under the bus…wawawawa…

Welcome to socialism. You voted for it. It’s him today you tomorrow. How very nice.

Mimi I have never believed in this signs thing. How does signs and other such stuff translate to being masonic? Ama unaskia ati sign za illuminati! How does that even translate to real stuff!

Manze. Although I guess amongst themselves wanazitambua.
Ni Kama tattoos. Huku make watu wanzichora tu but some have meaning within secret societies or gangs e.g rank or accomplishments

:smiley: ghaseer wacha uchokozi man

Oh wow, the secret society that runs the world broadcasts its rituals on live TV. Better yet, outsiders can learn the meanings of these secret handshakes online. Genius. That’s exactly how secret societies of faceless powerful people work. By giving people hints along the way, because REASONS.

Just had to be an Otieno…my luo kinsmen wanapenda maandamano Sana…

She roasted her mum in public for likes on Twitter?? Hii mitoto ya sikuhizi ni washenzi.

The number one maxim in esoterism is “everything is hidden in plain sight” if you have studied the occult/metaphysics/the Kabbalah (even slightly) you’d know .
They have this symbolism all over in car logos ,movies ,buildings etc but Kama hujui you’d never know . You’ve probably taken part on a Masonic ritual and never knew it; the mortarboard hat and black gown you wore on graduation day - they invented that shit. But anyway don’t believe none of this it’s just conspirational bullshit.

Symbolism iko . Even our ancestors had their own cryptic trademarks . Egyptian hieroglyphs are laden with this stuff. E.g do you know the three pyramids of Giza are in exact position with the stars in the Orion belt aka the nibiru star system - this is where (the little I know) most of that stuff starts. But thanks to Christianity we’re taught from a young age that astrology is evil ati withchcraft but the whole book is just Sun Worship ( but they attribute it as God ) . We are mind controlled via symbols , even words are symbols.

Then that should mean that signs and symbols only matter to the select members and those that understand them. Any other person out there will not be affected by them.