itax not working

I think K.R.A should first invest in quality servers before advertising for taxpayers to use the itax system, otherwise one day they will be hacked.[ATTACH=full]7879[/ATTACH]

hehee… those are teething problems. Hopefully they will up their game.
I got a payment defaulter slip after I had duly filled my returns, only to get another mail a second later with the receipt. Counting errors included.
All in all it’s crap. They should adapt to the system gradually while testing all waters.

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I wonder what time their servers are functioning because even late in the night(3am) it’s still the same shit

on 23rd unafanya nini kwa itax … 20th ishapita bruh

what about 20th

There is so much to be done starting with personal self assessment return whose deadline is this month, someone maybe registering, accessing something to print like PIN etc etc

All in all i think someone duped KRA to purchase this system and money was eaten properly. l dont think it serves an economy like ours well where 80% of the population do not even use computers and 97% have no access to the internet

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trying doing at 2.00 am. it works perfectly.

The system is ok,you had since january to update and file the returns

Wrong, it shud work Jan to Dec