Italy's Corona Virus Death Toll Exposed

Every day,the truth comes out as we watch the lies collapse on themselves.Now the truth about the actual numbers of the ones who died from the symptoms called corona virus is revealed

Ferkn racist country

Hii corona kuna kitu sielewi. Mbona Armageddon haijatufikia vile tuliambiwa tungoje 14 days?


Tukipita test tutaanza kukufa?

We are not testing enough to show the real number of infections.

Question remains, will we start dying once the test results come?

Kombwamwiko unaulizwa testing inazuia fatalities au unajaribu kusemaje?


So in short you’re saying people only start dying from Covid-19 after getting tested? :D:D:D yenyewe kichwa yako ni tu kabati ya meno

Schrodinger’s patient.

Wacha tungojee June vile walisema

Huwezi kufa corona before testing? 8-4-4 was a disaster.

:D:D:D hurumia yeye, they believe the garbage they hear from the international media like france 24 and cnn. Shida ya mwafrika ni kutotumia akili

this has a ring of truth
soon all the lies we’ve been told will be uncovered

Magufuli ended the debate on corona virus with his findings.Here in Kenya,after all this time there’s no dead bodies in we have our answer.

Interesting perspective employing astrology on the corona virus,it’s plausible considering the satanists running the world like manipulating energy for evil.

Corona virus has been hugely blown out proportions. A lot of shit has happened behind the curtains while everyone was focused on Corona virus and in lockdown.

People would be dying even before they are tested if at all infection rates were high.

When I see bodies dropping I’ll believe it’s that bad. In the meantime just take care of yourself and family. You don’t want to be the statistics.