Italy Reports 743 New death NOW.

The second highest number of death recorded since the virus attacked Italy. Hii virus is not relenting


Somebody posted this while you were STILL COUNTING THE BODIES…

May God help the racist Italians

It shows you can get the virus through air vents. Ni kubaiya saidi

Hii virusi looks like airborne kabisaaa. People are lockdown but infections more than 5,000 daily.

We shall revisit.

I am hoping it is not anything to do with air vents but rather by the time they went into lockdown, people already had it and being stuck indoors just accelerated transmission within households.

USA numbers jump to over 51,000 over 2,000 cases in 30 minutes have been confirmed.

USA is now the epicentre of the virus. WHO has confirmed corona can stay 8 hours airborne.