Italian firm now wants Sh12 billion for ZERO work on Arror, Kimwarer dams

We the tax payers must never pay these italian mafia. Hapa sio italy.

[li]Italian firm CMC Di Ravena has filed an arbitration case at the International Chamber of Commerce.[/li][li]The contractor wants tribunal to rule that the government cancelled the contract in an unlawful way.[/li][/ul]

CMC Di Ravenna, the Italian construction company that had been contracted by the government to undertake construction of the two water and hydro-electricity dams, did not deliver on the projects following allegations of massive corruption in the tendering process.
They are seeking compensation for irregular cancellation of the contract. The firm has filed an arbitration case at the International Chamber of Commerce.
In the case, the contractor wants the tribunal to rule that the government, through the Kerio Valley Development Authourity (KVDA), cancelled the contract irregulary, abnormally and in an unlawful way.
It wants the government compelled to pay it a sum of $114,177,645 (Sh12,38 billion as per the current forex exchange rate). It also wants KVDA to pay for costs that will be incurred during hearing and determination of the case by the arbitration tribunal.

Arap Arror atadai tena za macho wakipewa io award.
Good to be King!

Sad…so sad. Sad because our govt officials who are engaged in international disputes go to court ready to lose.
Honestly speaking, yaonekana hapa tutalipa damages…The Contract was entered into procedurally, the Contractor failed to perform which is one reason for termination by the Employer…a question begs, did GoK follow the right procedure in terminating the Contract of the defaulting Contractor? ama siasa iliingia until no one cared about issuing the right notices to the Contractor and observing any timelines set in the Contract…

But the contactor CMC Di Ravenna said he was bankrupt and even abandoned the other dam, Itare dam, he was building in Nakuru because the company had become bankrupt and had wound up operations?

This is the old game goons in the Moi govt used to play ie you deliberately sign a contract with a fake company which has no intention or capacity of doing the job, then in a choreographed manner, the govt terminates the contract, the company sues for breach of contract and gets awarded by courts and the cash is shared with corrupt govt officials. That way everyone gets billions for zero work done.

In Itare dam the company disappeared with 38B, huko arror and kimwarer they have already eaten 21B and now want more. This megascam by the mafia and their local facilitators must be stopped.

[SIZE=7]Construction of Ksh38 Billion Dam Stalls After Italian Contractor CMC Di Ravenna Files For Bankruptcy[/SIZE]
[li]By ABEL AGORO on 7 February 2019 - 8:57 pm[/li][/ul]
Construction of the proposed mega-development project of the Itare dam in Kuresoi, Nakuru County has stalled.

The contracted company indicated that it no longer has the capacity to continue undertaking the huge development project from the beginning of 2019.

The fate of the dam now remains uncertain since the Co-operativa Muratoi Cementisti Di Ravenna (CMC Ravenna), which was supposed to complete the project by 2021, is no longer engaged with fulfilling its mandate.

The Italian construction firm had completed 49 per cent of the project by the time it filed for bankruptcy.

I thank God your foolishness as a country is costing you billions of dollars. Attorney General hajui kazi yake. DCI na DPP ni sinema tu kama zile za yule chief betamale governor wa Machakos.
Lipeni contractor pesa yake, mlifukuza yeye kabla amalize kazi.
Hamna akili na mnataka dams, za nini? mnataka kuenjoy ile maisha wenye akili huishi huko ulaya, lower your expectations, kenyans.

But the contractor had already declared himself bankrupt and had abandoned another project Itare dam? Why give a bankrupt company 2 other mega projects? The goons at KVDA thought they would pull out another moi era scam but govt was chonjo.

government ilikua chonjo aje na ilipoteza pesa? na bado itapoteza zengine, io ndio kuwa chonjo?

Tunajua hao wezi

Hapa ata hautaji Ruto mahali,kidogo tu hii scandal itasingiziwa watu wengine while the main culprit continue to kill his guard are likely to expose him

si ati AG hajui job yake, those things are made to fail by design , those contracts have funny clauses but they are never made public for obvious reasons,

Well, yule ameiba ameharibu kwao anyway. Ameumiza nchi lakini zaidi ameumiza watu wake. So vile unakubali hii story am very surprised. Labda pia wewe unakulia.

ukweli ni tofauti sana na ile the masses wanaambiwa. lakini wakenya ni mafala, hawadeserve kujua ukweli

Government was chonjo and yet signed a new contract to the same company?

Wakachukue Weston na poultry.

You keep insinuating here about “ukweli” but you never tell us this truth. Do you really know anything or you are just a hired mouth parroting what the master thief has paid you to do? You are heading towards convincing us how Ruto became a billionaire by selling chicken on the roadside.

Are you addressing @Idi adnim ama unafokea nani tuck a tuck a hii na ni jambazi sugu lenye miraba minne na misuli tikinya ndo alikula pesa ya aror na kimwarer?

In every construction contract we have a mobilization % … So you can apply for a contract, cash out on mobilization fee & exit