Itabidi wakenya wa up their game

East London iko Eastlands mtu wangu.

Easton Apartments?

Kenyans or Britons?

They have to up it. That is for sure. Because my friends take me to salons owned by our neighbors and some dude does my hair, my pedi and mani at the same time. Bliss I tell you. One was an apprentice few years ago na sasa hivi you have to book an appointment!

What guys here call Rwandese are actually congolese tutsis but most Kenyans cannot tell the difference. In terms of height, wengi ni average tu.

This particular part must be an unforgettable experience!

kwetu wameanza kuzikana Kwa community burial ground bana

Kuna cemetery huko dago?

a tutsi is a tutsi, a banyamulenge.

My fren, tumeongea hii kitu mpaka tume choka. People need to go out more.

They are the most polite and social folks i have met in my life. And contented in life too surprisingly. I once asked one kwani uchumi ya kenya haimuumi akasema he has seen worse. Good for them.

Sis ni watu wa @Afro cant relate

actually no difference they are just one and the same people

Yeah, but hao wenyewe huniambia kuna some notable differences between them.

They will never admit to being one people…and yes they have recently acquired differences thanks to colonial borders

Service industry needs a lot of innovation, dedication and consistency, hapo ndio most guys fail.
I can’t recall, a barber that has ever given attention to detail, to even make sure no hair was left on me after a shave.

Incoming MCA doing a pre-benchmarking exercise… and almost getting a sexercise…

hapo sasa. Hawa wetu wacha tupee watanzania waende kutoa hao mabwege bio

Mimi barber wangu shiney eye nimekua loyal kwake for close to a decade juu he prioritizes quality. Hata muwe watu mia mnangoja, hawes harakisha ati asipitwe na pesa. If you’re impatient then you’re free to go to another kinyozi. Alianza kuninyoa na 50 Bob na sahii ni 200. Customers wanazidi kuongezeka tuuuu.

There are tons of barbershops in Nairobi with this kind of service

e.g Eddy’s Barbershop

Unaspend 500 kutoa trash kwa kichwa na caretaker akiitisha 300 compound ifagiliwe mzuri mnazusha